Tournament Details

Host country: USA / Mexico / Canada
Dates: Sometime in 2026
Teams: 48
Tournament stats

Round 1: 48 teams split in 16 groups of 3
Round 2: 32 Team Playoff

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  • The tournament will be jointly hosted by 16 cities in three North American countries; 60 matches, including the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and the final, will be hosted by the United States, while neighboring Canada and Mexico will each host 10 matches. The tournament will be the first hosted by three nations
  • The 2026 World Cup will also see the tournament expanded from 32 to 48 teams

  • Team Placing:
    Team GF GA GD Region
    Canada 0 0 0 CONCACAF
    Mexico 0 0 0 CONCACAF
    USA 0 0 0 CONCACAF
    Top goal scorers:

    No goals yet

    Own goal scorers:

    No own goals