This website is a place for me to learn, experiment and play with new technologies in a public place. I currently have 8 major projects here, with a few more under the radar prototypes and experiments.

My presence on other websites:


There have been various versions of the site over the years on various domains.
  1. 1999-2002: a basic HTML blog with a cgibin forum. Some static HTML pages were pre-generated with a VB6 application from an Access database
  2. 2003-2009: a basic HTML blog with a cgibin forum, with MySQL database and JavaScript navigation.
  3. 2010-2012: with ASP.NET forms and SQL database
  4. 2012-2014: with ASP.NET MVC4, and SQL database
  5. 2014-2016: with ASP.NET MVC5, hosted on Azure PaaS with an Azure SQL database
  6. 2017-2020: with ASP.NET MVC5, AngularJS, hosted on Azure PaaS, with a Azure SQL database, deployed with Azure DevOps
  7. 2021-(now): with ASP.NET 5, hosted on Azure PaaS, with Azure SQL, deployed with Azure DevOps

The future?