Guitar Tab

I've been collecting guitar tab for my favorite bands since 1997. I've then learned, edited, standardized and ranked the tabs.

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World Cup Analytics

This started as World Cup statistics section, but I've been trying to migrate it to more of an International Football Competition analytics site...

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Game Development

This is my attempt to create my own turn based strategy game with Unity3D...

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Foo Fighters Gigography

Dave Grohl is a rock genius. This is a partial collection of Foo Fighter shows over the past 20 years. This is a colloraboration with

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iTunes Analysis

I've been saving my iTunes library files for analysis since 2007. This project is a result of this work.

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Project Euler Problems

My solutions and notes to Project Euler problems, a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems.

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My Steam Account

Tapping into my Steam Account via the Steam Web API. I'm trying to develop better insights and interesting views of achievements.

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