Sam's statistics for XCOM: Chimera Squad

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Achievements completed: 30 (75.00%)

Achievements: (30 / 40):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 19.90% Extra Hours: As Godmother, activate Overtime and down an enemy on both turns. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_25
2 14.60% Impregnable: Have Kinetic Armor on all 4 squad members at once. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_27
3 13.90% Mind Nuke: Use Verge to do 10 or more damage with one Mindflay. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_28
4 7.30% Overqualified: Reach max rank with all Agents in a single campaign. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_20
5 3.40% No Stone Left Unturned: Complete every Spec Op at least once in a single campaign. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_23
6 3.00% Thank You For Your Business: Buy 20 unique Scavenger Market items in a single campaign. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_19
7 2.10% Impossible Dream: Win the campaign on Impossible difficulty. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1
8 2.10% Need a Lift: Move a VIP with Shelter’s Relocate and Torque’s Tongue Pull. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_39
9 1.70% Up Close and Personal: Complete an encounter by only dealing damage with melee attacks. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_38
10 1.00% Every Timeline: Complete all versions of each Faction’s Takedown mission over multiple campaigns. NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_22