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Achievements completed: 22 (22.22%)

Achievements: (22 / 99):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 58.70% Oath of the Peach Garden: Fight a battle with Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei fighting on the same side. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_FIGHT_BATTLE_WITH_LU_BEI_GUAN_YU_ZHANG_FEI_SAME_SIDE
2 51.20% BFFs: Playing as any faction, form an alliance. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_CREATE_ALLIANCE
3 40.40% That Still Only Counts as One: Win a battle against an opponent fielding at least one elephant unit, or an opponent fielding a general that has an elephant as their mount TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_ELEPHANT_MOUNTS
4 32.00% Han Shot First: Playing as any faction, someone else declares themselves emperor before you. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_ANOTHER_PLAYER_DECLARES_EMPEROR_FIRST
5 32.00% A Sharp Point Sticks Out: Playing as any faction, obtain the maximum level in any one character attribute. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_MAX_OUT_CHARACTER_ATTRIBUTE
6 31.30% Eye of the Beholder: Playing as any faction, attack Xiahou Dun with archers. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_XIAHOU_DUN_ATTACKED_BY_ARCHERS
7 26.20% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Playing as any faction, win 66 duels. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_X_DUELS
8 23.50% Fair-weather Friend: Playing as any faction, turn a friend into a rival. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_TURN_FRIEND_TO_RIVAL
9 21.30% White Horse General: Playing as Gongsun Zan, win 11 battles with White Horse Fellows. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_X_BATTLES_WITH_WHITE_HORSE_FELLOWS_AS_GONGSUN_ZAN
10 19.90% Forbidden City: Playing as any faction, construct a faction palace. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_CONSTRUCTION_FACTION_PALACE_1
11 19.80% Blood-drenched & Fancy Free: Playing as any faction, win 100 battles launched from the campaign map. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_X_CAMPAIGN_BATTLES
12 18.60% Here Comes the Sun (Jian): Playing as any faction, maintain 8 trade routes. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_MAINTAIN_X_TRADE_ROUTES
13 18.10% Branching Out: Playing as any faction, unlock an entire single element of the reforms tree. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_RESEARCH_ALL_TECH_ONE_ELEMENT
14 17.00% Though the Tortoise Lives Long: Playing as Cao Cao, trigger a proxy war. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_TRIGGER_PROXY_WAR_CAO_CAO
15 17.00% Guangdong Coalition: Playing as any faction, defeat Dong Zhuo. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_DEFEAT_DONG_ZHUO_CHARACTER
16 15.70% First Blood: As Lü Bu kill a character from your kill list TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_LU_BU_1_KILL_LIST_COMPLETE
17 13.60% Many Faces, Many Names: Give out five titles to five different characters TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_GIVE_OUT_5_TITLES_CEOS
18 11.20% Horse Armour: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, recruit 10 Cataphract units to your armies. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_RECRUIT_CATAPHRACTS
19 11.10% Good Luck, Have Fun!: Playing as any faction, win a multiplayer match. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_MULTIPLAYER_BATTLES_1
20 11.00% No Small Deed Left Undone: Playing as Liu Bei, make 6 allies. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_MAKE_X_ALLIES_LIU_BEI
21 8.30% Multi-Kill: As Lü Bu attack and win three battles in one turn TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_LU_BU_WIN_THREE_BATTLES_ONE_TURN
22 8.10% Friend of Winter: Playing as any faction, unlock every reform in a single playthough. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_RESEARCH_EVERY_TECH_IN_CAMPAIGN
23 8.00% Honour Among Thieves: Use "Share the spoils" when the army loot has reached max loot TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_STANCE_SHARE_LOOT_MAX
24 8.00% Humble Beginnings: Playing as one of the governor factions, become emperor. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_BECOME_EMPEROR_AS_GOVERNOR_FACTION
25 7.10% Party of Five: Playing as any faction, have all 5 Tiger Generals (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong) in your faction. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_ALL_FIVE_TIGER_GENERALS_IN_SAME_FACTION
26 5.90% The Yellow Sky Has Come: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, complete a campaign. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_GAME
27 5.80% Son of the Tortoise: Playing as the child of Cao Cao, proclaim yourself emperor. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_BECOME_EMPEROR_AS_CHILD_TO_CAO_CAO
28 5.50% Bandits of the Marsh: Playing as Zheng Jiang, construct a bandit lair. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_BUILD_BANDIT_PALACE_AS_ZHENG_JIANG
29 5.00% Live & Let Spy: Playing as any faction, make your spy become faction leader. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_SPY_BECOMES_FACTION_LEADER
30 5.00% When the Sun Rises in the West: Playing as any faction, win every battle (including auto-resolve battles). TK_ACHIEVEMENT_COMPLETE_AN_ENTIRE_CAMPAIGN_WINNING_EVERY_BATTLE
31 4.80% Mandate Regained: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, become the Yellow Sky Emperor. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_REACH_EMPIRE_RANK
32 4.50% I'm the Man: During a Nanman campaign, have all Nanman fealties under your control TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_NANMAN_FEALTY
33 4.00% Sunny Side Up: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, capture the settlement of Luoyang. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_CAPTURE_CAPITAL
34 4.00% Yellow Sky: Play as a Jiazi Rebellion faction and win the campaign. TK_DLC04_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_CAMPAIGN_AS_JIAZI_REBELLION
35 3.90% There Will Be Fish Every Year: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a Grand Fishing Port. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_FISHING_PORT
36 3.90% Like My Father Before Me: Reach greatness like your father and achieve five of Sun Ce ambitions before the end of year 200 TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_SUN_CE_5_AMBITIONS_BEFORE_201
37 3.80% Ill Omen: Playing as any faction, have a spy successfully complete an assassination. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_UNDERCOVER_SPY_ASSASINATION
38 3.50% Now the Stuff of Dreams: Playing as any faction, complete a campaign on legendary difficulty. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_CAMPAIGN_ON_LEGENDARY
39 3.50% The Knights Who Say Qî: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, recruit at least 7 Youxia units. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_X_YOUXIA_UNITS
40 3.50% Fit For a Prince: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, win the game by any means. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_CAMPAIGN_COMPLETE
41 3.40% Restore the Empire: Playing as the Han Dynasty win the campaign. TK_DLC04_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_CAMPAIGN_AS_EMPRESS_HE
42 3.10% Vase On A Table: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a Yellow Turban Headquarters. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_YTR_HEADQUARTERS
43 2.70% Align of Duty: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, obtain more than 225 in any alignment. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_HIGHEST_ALIGNMENT
44 2.50% Double Happiness: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct at least 8 Prosperous Farming Estates. TK_TYR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_X_PROSPEROUS_FARMHOLDS
45 2.30% The Barbarian Emperor: Playing as a Nanman, become the emperor of the Han, or establish the Nanman kingdom TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_NANMAN_EMPEROR
46 2.20% Diaochan's Revenge: With Lü Bu in your party, defeat Dong Zhuo in battle. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_KILL_OR_WOUND_DONG_ZHUO_IN_BATTLE_WITH_LU_BU_IN_PARTY
47 2.10% Lord of the People: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all People reforms. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_UNLOCK_ALL_PEOPLE_TECH
48 2.10% Lord of Heaven: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all Heaven reforms. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_UNLOCK_ALL_HEAVEN_TECH
49 2.10% Lord of the Land: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all Land reforms. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_UNLOCK_ALL_LAND_TECH
50 2.00% Point Break: Playing as any faction, trigger a civil war in another faction. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_TRIGGER_CIVIL_WAR
51 2.00% Don't Cheat At The Games: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct at least 7 Communal Squares. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_X_COMMUNAL_SQUARES
52 2.00% Prince of War: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, research all military reforms. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_COMPLETE_MILITARY_REFORMS
53 1.90% Civil Service: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, research all civic reforms. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_COMPLETE_CIVIC_REFORMS
54 1.80% River Crab Pond: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a Garden of Divine Peace. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_PEACE_GARDEN
55 1.70% The World's Protector: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, become regent then win the game. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_CAMPAIGN_COMPLETE_AS_REGENT
56 1.70% Trophy Hunter: Playing as Prince Liu Chong, collect all trophies. TK_DLC04_ACHIEVEMENT_COLLECT_ALL_TROPHIES
57 1.70% The Purist: During a Nanman campaign, complete a tech tree where all major reforms are to one side TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_NANMAN_TECHS
58 1.70% Spies On Me: Playing as any Eight Princes, research all espionage reforms. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_COMPLETE_SPYING_REFORMS
59 1.60% One Arrow, Two Hawks: Playing as any faction, win a multiplayer co-op campaign. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_MP_COOP_CAMPAIGN
60 1.50% Usurp Expectations: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, become the emperor then win the game. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_CAMPAIGN_COMPLETE_AS_EMPEROR
61 1.50% Among Men, Lü Bu: As Lü Bu Kill 25 characters from your kill list TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_LU_BU_25_KILL_LIST_COMPLETE
62 1.40% Store Some Ice: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a Concealed Fort. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_CONCEALED_FORT
63 1.30% Dù Zǐténg Will See You Now: Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a House of Compassion. TK_YTR_ACHIEVEMENT_OWN_HOUSE_OF_COMPASSION
64 1.30% You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die!: As Sun Ce kill Huang Zu (In duel or battle) TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_SUN_CE_KILL_HUANG_ZU
65 1.20% Firestarter: Playing as Dong Zhuo, raze 11 settlements. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_RAZE_X_SETTLEMENTS_AS_DONG_ZHUO
66 1.20% Fear the Tiger more than the government: As Yan Baihu destroy Sun Ce faction TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_YAN_BAIHU_DESTROY_SUN_CE
67 1.20% Burning Down the House: Playing as Dong Zhuo, raze an emperor seat. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_RAZE_EMPEROR_SEAT
68 1.20% Upon Closer Inspection: Playing as any Eight Princes faction, construct the Grand Inspector's Palace. TK_DLC02_ACHIEVEMENT_CONSTRUCT_GRAND INSPECTORS_PALACE
69 0.90% Tiger King: Win a battle where an entire retinue was made up of tiger units TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_TIGER_RETINUE
70 0.80% GG No Re!: Playing as any faction, win a ranked match in multiplayer mode. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_RANKED_MATCH
71 0.80% History Repeats Itself: Playing as Dong Zhuo Raze Luoyang. TK_DLC04_ACHIEVEMENT_RAZE_LOUYANG
72 0.70% The Librarian: Playing as Lu Zhi, collect all books. TK_DLC04_ACHIEVEMENT_COLLECT_ALL_BOOKS
73 0.70% This is Total War!: Playing as any faction, win a campaign having declared war on every faction as soon as you encounter them. ACHIEVEMENT_PSYCHOPATH
74 0.60% Lords of the South: When playing as Shi Xie, have 4 vassals that are also members of your family at the start of a turn TK_DLC06_ACHIEVEMENT_SHI_XIE_SOUTH
75 0.60% One Hundred Thousand Troops: Playing as Yuan Shao, form 6 alliances. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_CREATE_X_ALLIANCES_YUAN_SHAO
76 0.50% Frenemies: Playing as any faction, win 222 battles in multiplayer mode. TK_ACHIEVEMENT_WIN_X_MULTIPLAYER_BATTLES
77 0.50% White Tiger Burning Bright: As Yan Baihu, achieve the highest level of the White Tiger Confederation pooled resource TK_DLC05_ACHIEVEMENT_YAN_BAIHU_15_ALLICES