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Achievements completed: 64 (71.11%)

Achievements: (64 / 90):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 24.80% It Belongs in a Museum: Find an Artifact ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_15
2 20.80% Splashdown: Found an aquatic city ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_5
3 20.40% Let's Make a Deal: Create an Agreement ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_11
4 19.60% More Than Meets The Eye: Unlock a Hybrid affinity level ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_19
5 15.30% Lingua Franca: Produce 100 Diplomatic Capital per turn ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_13
6 14.90% Liberty Bell 7: Complete an Expedition on an aquatic crashed satellite ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_10
7 14.00% You Have Chosen Wisely: Cash in an Artifact of each category ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_16
8 10.70% The Prince: Attain full Fear and full Respect with another player ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_12
9 9.40% The Stuff of Legend: Complete a Marvel quest ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_23
10 9.10% Silent Service: Kill 10 units with Invisible units ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_26
11 6.90% 'X' Never Marks the Spot: Collect 50 Artifacts ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_17
12 6.60% Ahimsa: Win a game without starting a war ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_14
13 6.20% Best of Both Worlds: Build a Hybrid Ultimate unique unit ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_20
14 3.90% The Frontier is Everywhere: Win a game on a Primordial planet ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_21
15 3.70% Shai-Hulud: Leash a Colossal Alien ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_25
16 3.60% Winter is Coming: Win a game on a Frigid planet ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_22
17 3.00% Salam: Win a game as Al Falah ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_1
18 3.00% The Voyageur: Move an aquatic city 50 times ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_6
19 2.90% Thy Sea So Great: Win a game as North Sea Alliance ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_2
20 2.70% Ramming Speed: Kill a unit by moving an aquatic city onto it ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_9
21 2.70% Neptune's Glory: Build all aquatic Wonders ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_8
22 2.20% Shadow and Light: Win a game as Chungsu ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_4
23 1.70% Willing is Not Enough: Win a game as INTEGR ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_3
24 1.10% Terror From the Deep: Win without controlling any land cities ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_7
25 0.80% Fortune and Glory: Build all Artifact Wonders ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_18
26 0.80% The Halls of R'lyeh: Complete all Marvel quests ACHIEVEMENT_XP1_24