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Achievements completed: 0 (0.00%)

Achievements: (0 / 45):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 32.10% Goodest Of The Good Cops: Really get Kim to trust you ACH_COP_GOOD
2 26.00% Biggest Communism Builder: Employ critical theory 9 times ACH_COP_COMMUNIST
3 23.00% The World's Most Laughable Centrist: Defend the political centre 7 times ACH_COP_MORALIST
4 20.70% Il Coppo Del'Arte!: Say 5 Art Cop lines ACH_COP_ART
5 18.30% Hyperstellar Law Official: Say 7 deranged superstar lines ACH_COP_STAR
6 17.50% Recruit Detective Kim Kitsuragi: Precinct 57's finest ACH_KIM
7 17.40% Baddest Hustler In The Neoliberal Hood: Preach free market for 9 times ACH_COP_LIBERAL
8 15.60% Literally The Sorriest Cop On Earth: Apologize 10 (!!!) times ACH_COP_SORRY
9 13.70% Gurdi-Ball Is Lit: Get your pinball on ACH_PINBALL
10 11.40% Truly Rabid "Traditionalist": Say 10 "traditionalist" things ACH_COP_TRAD
11 11.30% The Figurines Won't Win Her Back: They do nothing ACH_DOLORES
12 9.70% Enemy Of The Physical Realm: Bang up 5 inanimate objects ACH_COP_DESTROY
13 9.20% Unbelievably Boring F**k: Say 7 incredibly boring things ACH_COP_BORING
14 6.70% Hardie's Heroes: Pour one out for social democracy ACH_HARDIE
15 5.50% The Lawbringer: Say you're the law 7 times ACH_COP_LAW
16 5.00% Fairweather t-500 Vitreous Enamel: Suit up. Head to toe. ACH_POWERARMOR
17 4.10% The Opener Of The Eighth Seal: Warn them of the coming end 8 times ACH_COP_APO
18 3.40% Bother Kim After Hours: He probably won't mind ACH_KIM_AFTER_HOURS
19 2.90% Expert Advanced Remote Viewer: See beyond the veil 6 times ACH_COP_REMOTE
20 2.60% Venture into the HARDCORE: Godspeed ACH_HARDCORE_TASK
21 2.50% Recruit Detective Kuuno de Ruyter: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_CUNO
22 2.30% Baddest Of the Bad Cops: Hit an all time low with Kim ACH_COP_BAD
23 2.10% Massive Torque Dork: Yack about machines 4 times ACH_COP_DORK
24 1.90% Wheel of Pleasure and Light: Reconstruct a vision from the past ACH_PLEASURE_WHEEL
25 1.70% Baddest Brow in Town: Force Kim to reveal his secrets ACH_BADDEST_BROW
26 1.50% Real Musor: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_REAL_MUSOR
27 1.50% Avowed Inframaterialist: Don't call it a book club. ACH_INFRAMATERIALIST
28 1.30% Committee of la Responsabilité: Someone should do something about this. ACH_COMMITTEE
29 1.10% Palerunner: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_PALERUNNER
30 1.10% Networthy Individual: Every day you're husslin'... ACH_NETWORTHY
31 1.10% Leopard Mindset : *This* is the kind of animal you want to be ACH_LEOPART_MINDSET
32 0.90% Modus: Mullen: It's black-and-white out there ACH_MULLEN
33 0.80% True Detective: Finish the game in HARDCORE mode ACH_HARDCORE_ENDGAME
34 0.60% Medal dispenser: Here, just have one, they're free. ACH_MEDAL
35 0.60% The Icebreaker: You can still move your face with your fingers. ACH_ICEBREAKER
36 0.60% Cause a Shitstorm: You brought this on yourself ACH_CAUSE_SHITSTORM
37 0.50% What body?: Solve the case without even inspecting the body. ACH_WHATBODY
38 0.50% Gluten-Free Topping Pie: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_GLUTEN
39 0.50% The Most Honourable Cop in The Land: Gather 11 honour points ACH_COP_HONOUR
40 0.50% Get Kim to Wear *The Jacket*: You know which one ACH_KIM_JACKET
41 0.40% Priceless Facade: Money-smooth streets of gentrification ACH_PRICELESS
42 0.40% Spectres of Hope: Glimpse it while you can ACH_SPECTRES
43 0.40% Old Flame: Surely, it can be killed with fire ACH_OLD_FLAME
44 0.30% Looks Like Progress: Spinning its wheels ACH_PROGRESS
45 0.30% Now For A Difficult Provenance: Restore all of the hidden photos ACH_PROVENANCE