Sam's statistics for Portal 2

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Achievements completed: 18 (35.29%)

Achievements: (18 / 51):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 58.80% High Five: Celebrate your cooperative calibration success ACH.HI_FIVE_YOUR_PARTNER
2 49.60% Team Building: Complete all test chambers in the Team Building co-op course ACH.TEAM_BUILDING
3 41.10% Confidence Building: Complete all test chambers in the Mass and Velocity co-op course ACH.MASS_AND_VELOCITY
4 33.90% Air Show: Perform 2 aerial gestures before touching the ground in co-op ACH.WITH_STYLE
5 32.20% Bridge Building: Complete all test chambers in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course ACH.HUG_NAME
6 29.80% Drop Box: Place a cube on a button without touching the cube ACH.BOX_HOLE_IN_ONE
7 27.30% Gesticul-8: Perform all 8 gestures of your own volition in co-op ACH.TAUNTS
8 26.40% Obstacle Building: Complete all test chambers in the Excursion Funnels co-op course ACH.EXCURSION_FUNNELS
9 25.20% Preservation of Mass: Break the rules in Test Chamber 07 ACH.SAVE_CUBE
10 21.30% You Saved Science: Complete all test chambers in all courses of co-op ACH.NEW_BLOOD
11 11.10% Ship Overboard: Discover the missing experiment ACH.NO_BOAT
12 10.10% Can't Touch This: Dance in front of a turret blocked by a hard light bridge in co-op ACH.YOU_MONSTER
13 9.90% Rock Portal Scissors: Win 3 co-op games of rock-paper-scissors in a row ACH.ROCK_CRUSHES_ROBOT
14 9.10% Asking for Trouble: Taunt GLaDOS in front of a camera in each of the five co-op courses ACH.TAUNT_CAMERA
15 9.10% Pturretdactyl: Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret ACH.LAUNCH_TURRET
16 8.00% Pit Boss: Show that pit who's boss ACH.COMPLIANT
17 7.50% Door Prize: Examine all the vitrified test chamber doors ACH.A3_DOORS
18 7.00% Schrodinger's Catch: Catch a blue-painted box before it touches the ground ACH.CATCH_CRAZY_BOX
19 7.00% Four Ring Circus: Enter 4 different portals without touching the ground in co-op ACH.FOUR_PORTALS
20 6.90% You Made Your Point: Refuse to solve the first test in Chapter 8 ACH.DEFIANT
21 6.00% Narbacular Drop: Place a portal under your co-op partner while they are gesturing ACH.PORTAL_TAUNT
22 5.80% Professor Portal: After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before ACH.TEACHER
23 5.70% Final Transmission: Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens ACH.CLEAN_UP
24 4.60% Empty Gesture: Drop your co-op partner in goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them ACH.PARTNER_DROP
25 4.40% Friends List With Benefits: While playing co-op, hug 3 different people on your friends list ACH.SPREAD_THE_LOVE
26 4.10% Overclocker: Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds ACH.SPEED_RUN_LEVEL
27 3.70% Smash TV: Break 11 test chamber monitors ACH.BREAK_MONITORS
28 3.60% Iron Grip: Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mass and Velocity co-op course ACH.NICE_CATCH
29 3.60% Party of Three: Find the hidden companion cube in co-op test chamber ACH.PARTY_OF_THREE
30 3.00% Triple Crown: Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each ACH.SPEED_RUN_COOP
31 2.70% Portal Conservation Society: Complete Chamber 3 in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course using only 5 total portal placements ACH.LIMITED_PORTALS
32 2.60% Talent Show: Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mobility Gels co-op course ACH.SUMMER_SALE
33 2.30% Still Alive: Complete Course 4 with neither you nor your co-op partner dying ACH.STAYING_ALIVE