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Achievements completed: 13 (13.68%)

Achievements: (13 / 95):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 61.10% Persuasive: Tackle the ball from an opponent under pressure. pressing
2 58.80% Savior: Save the goal 5 times by punching the ball to a corner. savior
3 51.30% Assistant: Use Layoff Pass successfully 5 times. layoff_pass
4 49.00% Wall Destroyer: Score a goal with a direct free kick. free_kick
5 47.40% Salvation From On High: Change the outcome of a game by scoring a goal on the last turn. last_minute
6 42.00% Bombardier: Use Power Shot to score 5 goals. power_shot
7 41.50% Lucky: Score a goal with a penalty. penalty
8 41.40% Amateur Champion: Take first place in Amateur League. cup_amateur
9 36.10% Conveyor: Score at least one goal in 10 consecutive matches (Third League and higher) conveyor
10 33.60% Talent: Upgrade a talent or skill to level 3 for one player. skill_3
11 33.50% Teamwork: Score 3 goals after Layoff Pass. layoff_pass_goal
12 32.30% Unemployed: Keep the ball away from your goalkeeper the entire match (Second League and higher). gk_unemployed
13 31.50% Home-made: Score a goal after using Pass or Lofted Pass from a corner. corner_pass
14 29.50% Marathoner: Win 100 matches (Single campaign). wins_100
15 28.40% Last Line of Defence: Your sweepers have to change their position automatically 500 times. sw_move
16 27.90% Learning the Skill: Develop the "Talent" specialisation tree completely. learning_skills
17 26.30% Hot Commodity: Sell a player for more than one million dollars. seller
18 25.40% Star Brazilian: Use a Rainbow Feint successfully against a defender and then the goalkeeper (in one turn). rainbow_feint_double
19 22.20% Cannoneer: Use Cannon Shot to score 5 goals. cannon_shot
20 22.00% Prestigious: Win the Prestige Cup. cup_prestige
21 20.30% HR Manager: Hire the best scout, assistant, or coach. hr_manager
22 19.30% Star: Upgrade two talents or skills to level 3 for one footballer. skill_3_double
23 19.20% Folk's Beloved: Obtain 30,000 fans. fans
24 19.00% Clean Sheet: Don't concede a single goal for 10 consecutive matches (Third League and higher). goals_locked
25 18.70% Nail-biter: Win the penalty shoot-out after drawing in a Cup match. penalty_cup
26 18.20% Total Pressing: Press the same opposing player with a central midfielder and a wing midfielder simultaneously. cm_rm_lm_pressing
27 17.50% Heading: Score with a header after a float cross 5 times. headers
28 17.10% Unstoppable: Score 5 goals during one match (Third League and higher). goals
29 16.70% National Inspiration: Win the National Cup. cup_national
30 16.40% The Sponsor's Darling: Sign a contract with a sponsor, earning a 30% bonus for having Fan Favourite players on your team. sponsors_bonus
31 15.00% Champion 2: Take first place in Second League. cup_2
32 14.80% Hard-bitten: Get three corner kicks during a single match. three_corners
33 14.60% The Best Nation Club : Take first place in Premier League. cup_premiere
34 14.30% Brazilian: Use Rainbow Feint to score 5 goals. rainbow_feint
35 12.60% Customer: Buy a player for more than five million dollars. buyer
36 12.50% Star Team: Complete a season with a goal difference of more than 50. gd_100
37 12.00% Speedy: Use Nutmeg successfully 5 times. kick_forward
38 11.90% Flank Play: Run a total of 500 tiles with your wing midfielders. flanks
39 11.10% Main Continental Cup: Win European, American, or Asian and Oceanian Cup. cup_continental
40 11.10% Champion 1: Take first place in First League. cup_1
41 9.40% Old Hand: Your team needs to have at least one footballer of 100th level. level_100
42 8.70% To Each His Own Place: Win a Premier League match with a team only featuring the footballers of special classes. special_football
43 8.50% Young Talent: Buy a 16-year old footballer. buyer_16
44 8.30% Venturer: Use Dribbling to score 5 goals. dribbling
45 8.30% Break in: Score 5 times immediately after breaking in from the flank. break_in
46 7.00% Treble: Win the Premier League, the National Cup and the Continental Cup in the course of one season. treble
47 6.60% Extra cup of the continent: Win the EFA, AFA, or AOFA Cup. cup_continental2
48 6.50% Think Ahead: Develop an amateur defender into a defensive midfielder. d_dm
49 5.70% Builder: Fully upgrade the stadium. stadium
50 5.50% Team of the Round: Four or more of your footballers must be in the Team of the Round at the same time. dlc_tour_team
51 5.40% Corner Master: Use Olympic Kick to score 5 goals. maple_leaf
52 4.50% A Bogey team: Meet with the team for which you have become a Bogey team. dlc_uncomfortable
53 4.10% Fragile: Get injured for more than six months. dlc_trauma
54 4.10% Heavy loss: Agree to sell a footballer that another club has asked you for. dlc_farewell
55 3.90% Risk is a noble cause: Successfully complete a level 1 skill 5 times with lesser potential than the opponent. dlc_lottery
56 3.70% False Nine: Score 5 times after distracting an opponent with a false kick in the same turn. false_9
57 3.70% Double Treble: Win a treble two seasons in row. treble2
58 3.20% Sweet revenge: Defeat an opponent who is a difficult opponent for you. dlc_revenge
59 3.20% Rough play: Get disqualified for 2 yellow cards received in different matches. dlc_card2
60 2.90% Team of the Season: Four or more your footballers must be in the Team of the Season at the same time. dlc_season_team
61 2.20% Owner of Trophies: Become the champion of all the leagues and win the Prestige and National Cup. nation_cups
62 1.80% Hero: Take first place in Premier league playing with Hard mode. cup_premiere_hard
63 1.60% Realized potential: Successfully complete a skill with a potential of 11 or more. dlc_potential
64 1.50% What do I pay the Scouts for?: Buy a footballer directly from another club, bypassing transfers. dlc_direct
65 1.50% Jack of All Trades: Develop the "Utility player" specialisation tree completely. utility_player
66 1.50% Photo for memory: Save a photo of the team that won any trophy. dlc_photo
67 1.40% Early champion: Win a league 2 or more rounds prior to the end of the championship (Third league or higher). dlc_project_league
68 1.40% Negotiation master: Sell a footballer by persuading the club to raise the price twice. dlc_raise
69 1.10% Way for the young: Get a footballer from the Youth Academy whose main attribute is higher than any other attribute by 50 or more. dlc_junior
70 0.90% International footballer: Buy a football player who plays in a foreign club. dlc_legioner
71 0.90% A valuable acquisition: Buy the footballer with the highest giftedness. dlc_buy_genius
72 0.80% Heroic Treble: Win a treble in the Hard mode. treble_hard
73 0.80% Promising: Get a footballer with the highest giftedness from the youth academy. dlc_grow_genius
74 0.70% Best footballer of the continent: Your team's footballer should be the best footballer in the main continental tournament. dlc_champion
75 0.70% Energetic: Develop the "Stamina" specialisation tree completely. dlc_energy
76 0.60% Total Football: Win a Premier League match with a team only featuring the footballers of universal classes. total_football
77 0.60% It's just business: Sell the footballer with the highest giftedness. dlc_sell_genius
78 0.40% Record holder: Win the league with the most points in league history (Second League or higher). dlc_record
79 0.30% 5 stars: Win the Premier League with a team with at least 5 players with the highest giftedness. dlc_genius5
80 0.20% The most spectacular final: Your match should be included in the statistics of the most spectacular finals of the main continental tournament. dlc_dramatic
81 0.20% The best of the best: Win more Premier League gold trophies than any other team. dlc_best
82 0.10% Iron Manager: Win the treble in Iron Manager mode on Hard difficulty. dlc_ironman