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Achievements completed: 0 (0.00%)

Achievements: (0 / 72):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 88.50% Lilith Returns: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_001
2 67.20% Oshtur's Gift: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_003
3 56.70% Are You On Superlink?: Gain a Friendship Level with any hero. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_015
4 53.60% Might Need Pockets: Craft a combat item at the Item Bench. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_024
5 43.50% Speed Kills: KO a villain with a Quick ability. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_057
6 43.10% Pinball Wizard: KO multiple enemies with a single Knockback 25 times. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_061
7 42.40% Trading Up: Redraw 75 cards. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_063
8 42.00% With a Box of Scraps: Craft a hero ability card in the Forge. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_026
9 41.90% Elemental, My Dear Agatha: Solve the mystery of Agatha's Altar. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_038
10 40.80% Quantity is Quality: Use 8 hero abilities in a single turn. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_054
11 39.40% You Absolute Legend: Complete a Midnight Sun Challenge in the Forge. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_027
12 37.60% Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: Use Agatha's Cauldron to complete a Recipe. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_025
13 36.30% A Light Extinguished: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_006
14 36.10% We Have Ways: Interrogate 5 enemies. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_052
15 36.10% Make a House a Home: Purchase 10 different upgrades for the Hunter's Quarters. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_023
16 36.00% Atum's Call: Acquire the "Reveal" Word of Power. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_039
17 33.70% Wilhelm Scream: Knockback 2 enemies into Drops in a single turn. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_059
18 33.20% Back in Time for Lunch: Complete a general mission in 2 turns or less. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_051
19 32.70% Friendship is Magic: Reach the maximum Team Friendship Level in the Abbey. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_017
20 32.20% The Keymaster: Open 25 Arcane Chests. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_042
21 32.00% Dream Team: KO a villain with a Hero Combo. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_056
22 29.90% Did We Just Become Best Friends?: Reach the maximum Friendship Level with any hero. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_016
23 28.40% A Coven Restored: Solve the mystery of Hiram Shaw's church. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_044
24 27.50% Kitchen Sink: Use 5 environmentals in a single turn. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_058
25 26.90% Hyppus' Aid: Acquire the "Purify" Word of Power. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_040
26 26.40% Challenge Accepted: Complete 10 Mission Challenges. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_049
27 26.10% Not a Scratch: Complete a general mission where no hero takes Health damage. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_060
28 25.00% Big Mad: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_010
29 24.00% Set's Favor: Acquire the "Break" Word of Power. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_041
30 23.60% A Mother's Gift: Solve the mystery of Lilith's Garden. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_045
31 22.50% Hemophobic: Complete a Vampyre mission without any hero gaining Bleed from a Vampyre Bite. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_005
32 21.00% Unrequited Love: Pet Ebony on 4 different days. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_030
33 20.90% Big Guns: Use 3 different Legendary hero abilities in a single mission. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_064
34 20.70% And Look Good Doing It: Spend 1500 Gloss on cosmetic options for the Hunter. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_022
35 20.60% Collateral Damage: KO 4 enemies with a single environmental. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_055
36 20.40% Some Minor Adjustments: Apply mods to 10 different hero abilities. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_035
37 19.20% KKRRAKATHOOM: Spend 10 Heroism with a single ability. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_053
38 18.40% Family is Forever: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_013
39 17.60% A Shining Light: Reach maximum Light Balance. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_046
40 16.80% Needful Things: Use 25 combat items. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_062
41 16.70% Extracurricular Activities: Attend all Abbey Club meetings in a single campaign. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_031
42 16.20% Hunter the Explorer: Find every Haven on the Abbey Grounds in a single campaign. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_019
43 16.00% The Good, the Bad, and the Undead: Complete all Deadpool story missions. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_001
44 14.30% Dr. Deadpool, MD, PhD, JD, RN, CPA: Complete all Deadpool research. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_002
45 13.00% Spread the Pain: Complete a Daily Sparring session with every hero. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_032
46 12.70% The Best Girl: Pet Charlie 15 days in a row. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_029
47 11.10% Redemption: Complete all Venom story missions. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_006
48 10.50% Never Been Satisfied: Completely spend and then refill Venom's Ravenous meter in a single encounter. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_009
49 9.90% Comeback King: Complete all Venom research. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_007
50 9.70% Living Vampire: Use Morbius' "Bloodlust" on the first turn, then retain Bloodlust for the rest of the mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_014
51 9.50% You Have the Lead: Complete a general mission led by every hero. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_050
52 9.50% Fully Operational: Build every Abbey upgrade in a single campaign. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_028
53 9.40% The Hunger: Complete all Morbius story missions. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_011
54 8.80% Beyond Biochemistry: Complete all Morbius Research. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_012
55 8.40% Fully Armed: Acquire every Hunter ability. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_048
56 8.30% Elemental Teachings: Complete all Storm Research. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_017
57 7.30% Blood Storm: Complete all Storm story missions. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_016
58 6.60% Wisdom of the Woods: Collect 10 of every Reagent. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_043
59 6.20% Dracula's Tomb: Complete the Dracula Tomb's mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_021
60 5.90% That Special Feeling: Complete Deadpool's Midnight Sun Challenge mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_003
61 5.80% Cape of Many Colors: Apply a Suit palette to every Hero in a single campaign. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_021
62 5.20% Time to Make the Chimichangas!: Reach maximum En Fuego with Deadpool. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_004
63 4.80% A Growing Darkness: Reach maximum Dark Balance. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_047
64 4.30% Big Game Hunter: Obtain all other Midnight Suns Achievements CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_081
65 4.10% Lethal Protector: Complete Venom's Midnight Sun Challenge mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_008
66 4.00% What's In This, Anyway?: Apply stat modifications to 5 different heroes using the Laboratory. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_015
67 3.80% Blessings of the Goddess: Complete Storm's Midnight Sun Challenge mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_018
68 3.80% Patience, Young One: Play 3 Storm abilities with activated Next Turn bonuses on the same turn. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_019
69 3.60% Bond of Blood: Complete Morbius' Midnight Sun Challenge mission. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_013
70 2.70% It's All Connected: Modify 5 general missions using the Whisper Web. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_010
71 2.30% T.H.R.E.A.T. Eliminated: Survive 3 turns in the THREAT Room with every hero. CODA_ACHIEVEMENT_037
72 1.30% Shocking Development: Stun 4 enemies with Storm abilities in a single turn. CODA_DLC_ACHIEVEMENT_020