Sam's statistics for Black Mesa

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Achievements completed: 9 (18.00%)

Achievements: (9 / 50):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 63.20% Brownian Motion: Pass the toilet paper to the Scientist in need. BMS_BROWN_MOTION
2 51.30% Convection Refinement: Ruin the microwave casserole. BMS_FLAVOR_TRANSFORMATION
3 35.30% Prophylactic Suggested: Get overtaken by a Headcrab's ample anterior. BMS_PROPHYLACTIC_SUGGESTED
4 24.40% Permeable Infrastructure: Use the alternate path in Office Complex. BMS_PERMEABLE_INFRASTRUCTURE
5 24.10% Caffeine Extraction: Perform surgical caffeine extraction from 20 vending machines. BMS_CAFFEINE_FREAK
6 23.20% Dead Reckoning: Kill an Assassin with the .357 Magnum. BMS_DEAD_RECKONING
7 20.30% Quantum Capacitance: Overcharge it anyway. BMS_QUANTUM_CAPACITANCE
8 17.30% Proverbial Tinkerer: Interfere with the alarm and laptop in Anomalous Materials. BMS_PRESS_THEIR_BUTTONS
9 16.30% Well-Done: Cook a Grenade for too long. BMS_WELL_DONE
10 14.30% Calculated Trajectory: Kill 10 airborne Headcrabs using the Shotgun. BMS_CALCULATED_TRAJECTORY
11 12.70% Less Than Desirable Consequences: Die in the AMS Beam before starting the experiment. BMS_LESS_THAN_DES_CONSEQUENCES
12 12.50% Nuclear Fishin': Kill an Ichthyosaur with either the Tau or Gluon. BMS_NUCLEAR_FISHIN
13 11.50% Remote Detonation: Kill a Barnacle with a Satchel. BMS_INDIGESTION
14 11.40% Universal Gravitation: Get killed by your own Snarks. BMS_FRIENDS_LIKE_THESE
15 10.40% PhD in Pacifism: Don't kill any Vortigaunts in the Borderworld. BMS_PHD_PACIFISM
16 9.90% Resonance Procrastinator: Refuse to insert the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. BMS_RESONANCE_PROCRASTINATOR
17 9.60% Digital Wizardry: Kill 10 enemies with a reprogrammed Sentry. BMS_DIGITAL_WIZARDRY
18 9.40% Stealth Technology: Escape the Hangar in Surface Tension without alerting the Soldiers. BMS_STEALTH_TECH
19 7.30% Futile Resistance: Kill 10 Enemies with Snarks. BMS_LITTLE_FRIEND
20 6.50% Hyper Saturation Conundrum: Drown in Lambda Core's coolant. BMS_HYPER_SATURATION_CONUNDRUM
21 6.40% Unified Coupling Theorum: Help the Barnacle and Headcrab find true love. BMS_COUPLING_THEORUM
22 5.90% Kinetic Repulsion: Kill a Marine with their own Grenade. BMS_KINETIC_REPULSION
23 5.80% Ethically Questionable: Conduct all of the questionable research experiments. BMS_ETHICALLY_QUESTIONABLE
24 5.40% One Step Ahead: Kill 10 Enemies with Tripmines​​. BMS_ONE_STEP_AHEAD
25 5.20% Gonad Glider: Get whacked into oblivion in the ledge fight. BMS_GLIDER
26 4.40% Our Brains And Your Brawn: Assemble all the possible Scientists and Guards at the end of Office Complex. BMS_BRAIN_BRAWN
27 3.30% Orbital Trajectory: Skip the opening Xen island with a secret jump.​ BMS_ORBITAL_TRAJ
28 3.30% xen when: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_XEN_WEN
29 3.20% Following the Rules: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_FOLLOWING_RULES
30 2.90% Black Mesa Decathlon Winner: Escape the Gargantua’s Lair without taking any damage from Gargantuas. BMS_DECATHLON_WIN
31 2.70% Rare Specimen: Send the Hidden Hat to Xen. BMS_RARE_SPECIMEN
32 2.70% Doctor’s Signature: Deliver the finishing blow to Gonarch with your Crowbar. BMS_DOCTORS_SIGN
33 2.60% Specimen GG: Take out all three Healing Crystals in Nihilanth’s Chamber at the same time​. BMS_SPECIMEN_GG
34 2.60% Late for Work: Defeat Nihilanth in under 4 minutes.​ BMS_LATE_FOR_WORK
35 2.00% The Plan: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_THE_PLAN
36 2.00% Laser Immunization: Complete Interloper without taking any laser damage. BMS_LASER_IMMUNIZATION
37 1.80% Unquestionably Ethical: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_UNQUES_ETHICAL
38 1.50% Post-Mortem Interval: Find each member of the missing research teams. BMS_POST_MORTEM
39 1.50% The Rarest Specimen: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_RAREREST_SPECIMEN
40 1.50% Prolific Popper: Kill all Protozoans in the Borderworld. BMS_PROFILIC_POPPER
41 1.40% Pepperoni Precipitation: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) BMS_PRECIPITATION