Sam's statistics for Football Manager 2011

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Achievements completed: 29 (34.52%)

Achievements: (29 / 84):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 69.80% Record Signing: You broke your club's record transfer fee spent on a player achievement_record_signing
2 68.60% What A Goal!: Your player collected a goal of the month award achievement_goal_of_the_month_award
3 51.50% Record Sale: You broke your club's record transfer fee received for a player achievement_record_sale
4 50.30% Splashing The Cash: You bought a player for £30 million or more achievement_buy_30_million_plus_player
5 46.20% Goal Machine: Your player was the top league goalscorer over an entire season achievement_top_goalscorer_in_league
6 45.50% Fantastic Five: 5 of your players were selected in the Team Of The Year achievement_5_players_in_team_of_the_year
7 45.20% Headhunted: You were offered a job by a larger team that you were managing achievement_headhunted
8 39.40% National Service: You were offered a job in international management achievement_get_offered_an_international_manager_job
9 38.10% Top Form: Your team hasn't lost in 30 matches achievement_30_matches_without_losing
10 38.10% Do The Double: You won a nations top league and cup competitions in the same season achievement_do_the_double
11 34.40% Comeback King!: You won a match after being 2 or more goals down at half-time achievement_win_a_match_after_being_2_goals_behind_at_half_time
12 32.70% Overachiever!: Your team was chosen as the league overachieving team achievement_over_achiever
13 32.30% Cash To Burn: You sold a player for £30 million or more achievement_sell_30_million_plus_player
14 32.20% Superb Strike: Your player collected a goal of the season award achievement_goal_of_the_season
15 32.00% You're Up!: Guide your team to promotion in a domestic league achievement_won_promotion
16 26.20% International Superstar: One of your players was selected in the World Cup Best XI achievement_player_in_world_cup_best_xi
17 26.10% Highlight Reel: Your players collected 10 goal of the month awards achievement_10_goal_of_the_month_awards
18 25.30% We Trust You: You gained the trust of the board to select a feeder team achievement_pick_feeder
19 23.50% Domination: You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles achievement_win_3_consecutive_league_titles
20 23.50% Loyalty Card: You stayed at one club for 5 seasons achievement_5_seasons_at_one_club
21 23.40% Best In The Business: You have won the Manager Of The Month award 10 times achievement_10_manager_of_the_month_awards
22 22.10% Beating Expectations: You have gained 90% board confidence in overall competitions achievement_beating_expectations
23 22.00% Best In The World: Your player won the World Player Of The Year award achievement_world_player_of_the_year
24 21.50% Invincible!: Your team played the entire season without losing a league game achievement_undefeated_season
25 21.30% Cup Streak: You won 5 different cup competitions achievement_won_5_separate_cup_competitions
26 19.30% Parked The Tank: Your team didn't concede a goal in 10 consecutive competitive matches achievement_dont_concede_a_goal_for_10_consecutive_matches
27 18.70% Legend: You have won the Manager Of The Year award 5 times achievement_5_manager_of_the_year_awards
28 17.50% Double Hat-Trick: Your player scored 6 or more goals in one competitive match achievement_double_hattrick
29 16.70% World Renowned: You have made it into the worldwide hall of fame achievement_get_into_hall_of_fame
30 11.50% Trophy Hoarder: You have won 20 cup competitions achievement_won_20_cup_competitions
31 10.10% Going Places: Your board decide to build a new stadium achievement_new_stadium
32 9.70% Takeover Survival: You kept your job following a club takeover achievement_survive_takeover
33 8.70% Golden Boot: Your player was the top scorer at a World Cup achievement_golden_boot_award
34 7.90% On Top Of The World: You have won the World Cup achievement_won_world_cup
35 7.60% Part Of The Furniture: You have stayed at one club for 10 seasons achievement_10_seasons_at_one_club
36 6.50% Full Faith: You have gained 90% overall board confidence achievement_full_board_confidence
37 6.30% Champions Streak: You won 5 different league competitions achievement_won_5_separate_league_competitions
38 6.00% Icon: You have received 10 Manager Of The Year awards achievement_10_manager_of_the_year_awards
39 5.90% The Greatest: You have become the greatest manager of all-time! achievement_reach_top_of_hall_of_fame
40 4.80% Confederations Winner: You have won the Confederations Cup achievement_won_confederations_cup
41 1.90% Video Director: You uploaded a video to YouTube achievement_video_director
42 1.80% Well Travelled: You won 5 different top league competitions achievement_won_5_separate_top_league_competitions
43 1.70% Outstanding Defence: Your team didn't concede a goal in 20 consecutive competitive matches achievement_20_consecutive_clean_sheets
44 1.60% Club Legend: You have stayed at one club for 20 seasons achievement_20_seasons_at_one_club
45 1.40% Immortality: You have received 20 Manager Of The Year awards achievement_20_manager_of_the_year_awards
46 1.20% English Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_england
47 1.10% Value For Money: Congratulations! You have played Football Manager for 30 seasons achievement_played_30_seasons
48 0.80% Immovable Object: Your team hasn't conceded a goal in 30 consecutive competitive matches achievement_30_matches_without_conceding_goal
49 0.70% French Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in France achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_france
50 0.50% Spanish Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Spain achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_spain
51 0.40% Scottish Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Scotland achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_scotland
52 0.30% Italian Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Italy achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_italy
53 0.20% Brazilian Hero: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Brazil achievement_gain_bottom_to_top_promotion_brazil
54 0.10% The Professor: You have gained at least 75% scouting knowledge for your club achievement_get_75_percent_scout_knowledge_at_club
55 0.10% Continental King: You won a continental cup on 3 different continents achievement_win_continental_cup_on_3_diff_continents