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Achievements completed: 6 (30.00%)

Achievements: (6 / 20):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 28.90% Toasty: Kill an enemy with gradual fire damage over time or from stepping on fire. ACH_KILL_FIRE
2 17.30% Needs Food Badly: Clear an area with just one team member left alive. ACH_ONE_SURVIVOR
3 12.10% Safe, For Now: Defeat all the enemies in a town attack. ACH_SAVE_TOWN
4 11.60% Up to Six Players: Recruit a full squad. ACH_FULL_PARTY
5 10.10% Thank You For Saving Us: Save 50% of the civilians in a town attack. ACH_SAVE_TOWNSFOLK_50
6 9.80% Do You Want your Possessions Identified?: Defeat a boss. ACH_BOSS1
7 7.20% Consider Yourself a Hero: Save 75% of the civilians in a town attack. ACH_SAVE_TOWNSFOLK_75
8 5.80% I am Error: Defeat the Machine Man. ACH_ROBOT
9 5.70% Enough Talk... Have at You!: Defeat the Count. ACH_VAMPIRE
10 5.20% Nobody is Killing Me: Defeat the Cyclops. ACH_CYCLOPS
11 5.00% A Slime Draws Near: Defeat the Glob. ACH_SLIME
12 4.70% Start Again with the Same Character?: Defeat two bosses on a single playthrough. ACH_BOSS2
13 3.10% Suddenly, the Dungeon Collapses: Defeat three bosses on a single playthrough. ACH_BOSS3
14 2.40% Ascended: Defeat all four bosses and win the game. ACH_WIN