Sam's statistics for Sniper Elite 4

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Achievements completed: 34 (40.00%)

Achievements: (34 / 85):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 33.00% Dirty Tactics: Kill an enemy via a booby trap SE_REWARD_BOOBY_TRAP_KILL
2 20.90% The Masterful Marksman: Complete the entire main campaign on Marksman difficulty SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_MARKSMAN_DIFFICULTY
3 10.50% The Secondary Specialist: 250 Kills with a Secondary Weapon SE_REWARD_SECONDARY_WEAPON_KILLS
4 7.50% The Real Deal: Complete the entire main campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_SNIPER_ELITE_DIFFICULTY
5 7.40% Veteran: Reach character rank 50 SE_REWARD_REACH_RANK_LEVEL_50
6 6.70% A Most Singular Expert: Master a single weapon SE_REWARD_MASTER_A_WEAPON
7 6.20% Base Desires: Target Führer - Complete all Optional Objectives and destroy the base SE_REWARD_KH_COMPLETE_OPTIONALS_AND_DESTROY_BASE
8 5.70% Keeping your Distance: Total kill distance of 100 Kilometres SE_REWARD_TOTAL_KILL_DISTANCE
9 5.20% Survival of the Fittest: Complete all waves in a survival session SE_REWARD_SURVIVE_ALL_WAVES
10 4.90% My Rifle is My Best Friend: Complete a main campaign mission with rifle kills only SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_MISSION_WITH_ONLY_RIFLE_KILLS
11 3.90% Fish-in-a-Barrel: Infiltration - Kill all enemies on the island with explosives SE_REWARD_DS_2_KILL_ALL_ENEMIES_ON_THE_ISLAND_WITH_EXPLOSIVES
12 3.90% 0 Days Without Incident: Target Führer - Kill Hitler with any explosive item/trap SE_REWARD_KH_EXPLOSIVE_KILL
13 3.80% Ambush King: Kill 100 enemies with traps SE_REWARD_TRAP_KILL
14 3.30% Untouchable: Infiltration - Complete the Mission without being shot by a Sniper SE_REWARD_DS_2_COMPLETE_MISSION_WITHOUT_GETTING_SHOT_BY_A_SNIPER
15 2.90% Compounding Your Success: Complete Overwatch 1 SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_OW1
16 2.70% Silent but Violent: Target Führer - Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without being detected SE_REWARD_KH_BEAT_MISSION_WITHOUT_DETECTION
17 2.70% Train, Set and Match: Complete Overwatch 2 SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_OW2
18 2.50% Challenge Accepted: Complete all challenges in a single mission SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_ALL_CHALLENGES_IN_ONE_MISSION
19 2.40% Read This!: Infiltration - Eye shot the book burning Officer SE_REWARD_DS_2_EYE_SHOT_THE_BOOK_BURNING_OFFICER
20 2.30% Master-At-Arms: Fully master a rifle, secondary weapon and pistol SE_REWARD_FULLY_MASTER_A_RIFLE_SECONDARY_WEAPON_PISTOL
21 2.20% Albert Hall: Target Führer - Kill Hitler with a testicle shot SE_REWARD_KH_TESTICLE_SHOT
22 2.10% Heads Up: Inception - Destroy the tank with a crane drop SE_REWARD_DS_DESTROY_TANK_WITH_CRANE
23 2.00% Debriefed: Infiltration - Multi-Kill the Officers during the tactical briefing in the auditorium SE_REWARD_DS_2_MULTIKILL_OFFICERS_AT_THE_BRIEFING
24 2.00% Karl Shot First: Inception - Get to the destroyer and launch the torpedo without being spotted SE_REWARD_DS_LAUNCH_TORPEDO_WITHOUT_BEING_SPOTTED
25 2.00% Fire and Brimstone: Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery strike SE_REWARD_ARTILLERY_STRIKE_KILL
26 1.80% I Love Science: Obliteration - Extract Wernicke, Hänel, and Kehrer in one playthrough SE_REWARD_DS_3_I_LOVE_SCIENCE
27 1.70% STRIKE!!: Target Führer - Kill Hitler with a torpedo rack SE_REWARD_KH_TORPEDO_RACK
28 1.60% Minesweeper: Target Führer - Blow up Hitler on VIP boat with a sea mine SE_REWARD_KH_SEAMINE_KILL
29 1.60% The Eagle Has Landed: Target Führer - Crush Hitler with the Eagle at the ceremony SE_REWARD_KH_EAGLE_CRUSH
30 1.50% King of the World: Inception - Dump Major Volker Grün's body into the water from the end of a boat SE_REWARD_DS_DUMP_BODY_IN_WATER
31 1.50% Are You Insane?: Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Difficulty SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_AUTHENTIC_DIFFICULTY
32 1.40% Hot Pot: Target Führer - Kill Hitler with the casserole SE_REWARD_KH_CASSEROLE_RIG
33 1.40% Variety is the Spice of Death: Get a kill with every weapon SE_REWARD_UNLOCK_ALL_WEAPONS_OF_ONE_CATEGORY
34 1.30% Total War: Target Führer - Complete all challenges SE_REWARD_KH_COMPLETE_ALL_CHALLENGES
35 1.30% Ghost Town: Obliteration - Kill everyone SE_REWARD_DS_3_KILL_EVERYONE
36 1.20% The Best of the Best of the Best: Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty with no manual saves SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_AUTHENTIC_DIFFICULTY_WITH_NO_MANUAL_SAVES
37 1.20% Faust of Fury: Infiltration - Kill the Valkyrie Squad reinforcements using only the Neunfaust SE_REWARD_DS_2_KILL_VALKYRIE_SQUAD_WITH_NEUNFAUST
38 1.10% Knife to a Gun Fight: Inception - Melee takedown all the snipers SE_REWARD_DS_MELEE_TAKEDOWN_SNIPERS
39 1.10% Fingers off Triggers: Obliteration - From the bunker reach the extraction point without firing a shot SE_REWARD_DS_3_FINGERS_OFF_TRIGGERS
40 1.10% You know you're REALLY insane, right?: Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_AUTHENTIC_PLUS_DIFFICULTY
41 1.00% Overkill: Obliteration - Kill all enemy snipers with explosives SE_REWARD_DS_3_OVERKILL
42 1.00% Saving Private Reiner: Obliteration - Don't kill any members of the Reiner family SE_REWARD_DS_3_SAVING_PRIVATE_REINER
43 1.00% Atomic: Obliteration - Complete all the Challenges SE_REWARD_DS_3_COMPLETE_ALL_CHALLENGES
44 1.00% Greatest Hits: Find all sniper reports SE_REWARD_FIND_ALL_SNIPER_REPORTS
45 1.00% A Bird in the Hand...: Shoot all Stone eagles SE_REWARD_SHOOT_ALL_FASCIST_EAGLES
46 1.00% Full Marks: Infiltration - Complete all the Challenges SE_REWARD_DS_2_COMPLETE_ALL_CHALLENGES
47 1.00% Channel Changer: Take control of the enemy held radio and capture it with just seconds remaining SE_REWARD_LAST_SECOND_SAVE
48 1.00% All Inclusive: Inception - Complete all the challenges SE_REWARD_DS_COMPLETE_ALL_CHALLENGES
49 1.00% The Collector: Collect all Last Letters, Letters From Home, and Letters To Home in the main game SE_REWARD_COLLECT_ALL_LETTERS
50 1.00% Better than the Best: Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty with no manual saves. SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_THE_CAMPAIGN_ON_AUTHENTIC_PLUS_DIFFICULTY_WITH_NO_MANUAL_SAVES
51 0.90% Competitive Nature: Complete at least one match in each mode SE_REWARD_COMPLETE_ONE_MATCH_IN_EACH_GAME_MODE