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Achievements completed: 0 (0.00%)

Achievements: (0 / 20):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 42.40% The Crimson Heart: Have a soldier who has fallen in combat survive either by calling a medic or clearing the battle before they die NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_10
2 41.60% The Lance of Gallia: Kill an enemy ace NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_5
3 24.20% Gallian Medal of Honor: Complete the Chapter 9 battle "Kidnapping of Cordelia" NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_0
4 21.10% Fouzen Service Medal: Complete the Chapter 10 battle "Liberation of Fouzen" NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_1
5 20.10% The Bronze Arms of Gallia: Kill 250 enemy units NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_6
6 18.10% Order of the Holy Shield: Complete any chapter battle after Chapter 10 without any of your units being reduced to 0 HP NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_17
7 17.50% Order of the Holy Lance: Earn an A Rank on any chapter battle after Chapter 10 NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_18
8 16.20% Naggiar Service Medal: Complete the Chapter 14 battle "Showdown at Naggiar" NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_2
9 14.10% Ghirlandaio Service Medal: Complete the second Chapter 15 battle "To Fell a Citadel" NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_3
10 10.30% The Silver Arms of Gallia: Kill 500 enemy units NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_7
11 8.20% Savior of Gallia: Beat the game and begin a new game from the saved file NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_4
12 6.60% The Splintered Horn: Let a character who has unlocked his/her hidden potential die in combat NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_9
13 5.50% Order of the Golden Wings: Train all character classes to level 20 NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_11
14 2.70% Excellence in Leadership: Learn every order NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_13
15 2.50% Excellence in Technology: Commission all tank upgrades (including all three level 3 Edelweiss upgrades) and collect all enemy ace tank parts NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_15
16 2.40% The Golden Arms of Gallia: Kill 1000 enemy units NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_8
17 2.10% Gallian Front Commemorative: Complete all chapters and reports NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_16
18 1.40% Excellence in Armament: Commission all weapon upgrades and collect all enemy ace and royal weapons NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_14
19 1.30% The Wings of Solidarity: Unlock the full personnel profiles for all recruits NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_12
20 1.20% Randgriz Crest of Honor: Earn an A Rank on every battle, including all reports and all ranks of all skirmish battles NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_19