Sam's statistics for Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Achievements completed: 268 (83.75%)

Achievements: (268 / 320):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 6.50% Sing, O Muse: Claim every Hero across multiple games. STK4_ACHIEVEMENT_03
2 5.20% The City Ever-Shining: In Dramatic Ages Mode, enter a Golden Age with an excess 20 Era Score STK3_ACHIEVEMENT_06
3 3.90% Limited Edition: Hire a unique unit from a Barbarian Clan. STK5_ACHIEVEMENT_06
4 3.50% Steel-Driving Man: Recall a Hero after the Industrial Era. STK4_ACHIEVEMENT_06
5 3.50% Robber Baron: Control 5 Luxury Resource Monopolies at once on a Standard sized map or larger. STK5_ACHIEVEMENT_05
6 2.60% The Dream Team: Claim 5 Heroes in a single game. STK4_ACHIEVEMENT_07
7 2.10% Clash of the Titans: Kill an enemy Hero with your Hero. STK4_ACHIEVEMENT_04
8 2.00% This Blood is the Life: Earn all Governor promotions for the Sanguine Pact Secret Society. STK2_ACHIEVEMENT_06
9 1.50% I will not bend my back: Win a regular game as Bà Triệu. STK5_ACHIEVEMENT_01
10 1.40% For he on honey-dew hath fed: Win a regular game as Kublai Khan. STK5_ACHIEVEMENT_02
11 1.10% Well Hello Mr. Fancypants: Destroy a Zombie unit that has +50 or more Mutation Strength. STK6_ACHIEVEMENT_04
12 1.00% I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can: Win the Pirates scenario using mostly Fightin' Points. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_10
13 0.80% Naval Supremacy: Privateer - Ensure that your patron has a naval fleet twice the size of any other colonial power. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_02
14 0.80% Live Yongle Reaction: Win a regular game as Yongle NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_06
15 0.80% Things Fall Apart: In Dramatic Ages Mode, lose 4 or more cities by entering a Dark Age. STK3_ACHIEVEMENT_05
16 0.80% Rock God: Have no cities following your religion then convert a city to your religion using a Rock Band unit VSV_ACHIEVEMENT_19
17 0.60% Salad Sensation: Win a regular game as Julius Caesar NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_01
18 0.50% Partial Completionist: Win a regular game as Ludwig II NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_11
19 0.50% The Brave Live Forever: Recall a Hero 5 times in a single game. STK4_ACHIEVEMENT_05
20 0.50% I Will Wait: Win a regular game as Tokugawa NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_04
21 0.40% The Self-Made Throne: Win a regular game as Nzinga Mbande NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_03
22 0.40% No Light Without the Dark: In Dramatic Age Mode, as Georgia, have simultaneously a Golden and a Dark Policy active. STK3_ACHIEVEMENT_07
23 0.40% The Abyss is Hungry: Dread Pirate - Sink 10 ships while using Walk the Plank across multiple games. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_01
24 0.40% The Power Beside the Throne: Win a regular game as Theodora NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_12
25 0.40% Danse Macabre: Win the Black Death scenario on Deity difficulty VSV_ACHIEVEMENT_49
26 0.30% Dawn of a Dynasty: Win a regular game as Sundiata Keita NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_09
27 0.30% Valley of Kings: Win a regular game as Ramses II NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_08
28 0.30% Re-Animator: Control at least 20 Zombie units at the start of your turn. STK6_ACHIEVEMENT_03
29 0.30% Mother’s Day: Win a regular game as Wu Zetian NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_07
30 0.30% To plow the sea: As Simón Bolívar activate all the Comandante Generals across multiple games. STK1_ACHIEVEMENT_04
31 0.30% I am Kind of a Big Deal: Win the Pirates scenario using mostly Infamous Pirate Points. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_09
32 0.30% Hope Springs Eternal: Be defeated 5 times in the Red Death scenario. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_04
33 0.30% U mad, bro?: Borderlords - Trick enemy factions into triggering Grieving Gifts 5 times across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_07
34 0.30% It Hungers: Cultists - Kill 10 units with the Undying Eye. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_08
35 0.30% One Tree Hill: Have one of your Rock Band units perform a concert adjacent to a Maori Pa unique improvement VSV_ACHIEVEMENT_17
36 0.30% The Triumphs of Oriana: Win a regular game as Elizabeth I NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_13
37 0.30% Court of Itzamna: As the Maya found a settlement adjacent to 4 luxury resources. STK1_ACHIEVEMENT_03
38 0.30% Port in Every Storm: Swashbuckler - Visit the tavern of 10 ports in a single game. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_03
39 0.30% Love It When a Plan Comes Together: Hoarder - Sink or capture a treasure ship while a treasure escort is locked by a chainshot. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_04
40 0.30% Forced Retirement: Lose the Pirates scenario due to mutiny. ARR_ACHIEVEMENT_06
41 0.20% Crom Laughs at Your Tanks: As Gaul, kill a Tank with a Gaesatae. STK3_ACHIEVEMENT_04
42 0.20% The accursed share: Use a max-promotions Soothsayer to sacrifice a max-promotions GDR. STK1_ACHIEVEMENT_07
43 0.20% Ashes of Time: Wanderers - Explore 30 city ruins across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_01
44 0.20% Experience Is Everything: Preppers - Have 5 units earn 5 promotions across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_02
45 0.20% It's Alive!: Mad Scientists - Heal 1000 health points across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_03
46 0.20% Getting Pruney: Pirates - Spend 50 turns in the water across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_06
47 0.20% From the Outer Darkness: Mutants - Attack a unit outside the Red Death while inside the Red Death 20 times. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_05
48 0.20% It's a Trap!!!: Deal 50 or more damage to a single unit from trap damage on a single tile in one turn. STK6_ACHIEVEMENT_05
49 0.20% NERDS!: Jocks - Use Hail Marys to wound, but not kill, 5 Civilians across multiple games. RD2_ACHIEVEMENT_09
50 0.20% Battle of Adwa: Defeat an Infantry unit whose capital is on another continent with an Oromo Cavalry. STK2_ACHIEVEMENT_02
51 0.20% Finder's Fee: Ransom 5 units from Barbarian Clans in a single game. STK5_ACHIEVEMENT_07
52 0.20% Claimants of the Peacock Throne: Win a regular game as Nader Shah NEB_ACHIEVEMENT_05