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Achievements completed: 21 (16.94%)

Achievements: (21 / 124):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 17.10% Supremacy: Win a War against another Empire achievement_winwar
2 16.90% A Home Away From Home: Conquer another species' homeworld achieviement_conquer_homeworld
3 15.70% Resourceful: Have access to ten different Strategic Resources achievement_resourceful
4 13.50% Emissary: Explore a Natural Wormhole achievement_emissary
5 13.30% Grand Admiral: Have an Empire total fleet power of 100,000+ achievement_grandadmiral
6 13.30% Archaeologist: Successfully investigate an archaeological site achievement_archaeologist
7 13.30% League of Nations: Be a founding member of the Galactic Community achievement_league_of_nations
8 12.70% Birth of a Federation: Establish a Federation achievement_unification
9 11.80% Megapolis: Have a planet with at least 100 Pops achievement_megapolis
10 11.20% Tradition is Everything: Unlock all 42 Traditions achievement_tradition_is_everything
11 11.00% Old Friends: Receive a gift from a Fallen Empire achievement_old_friends
12 10.60% It belongs in a museum!: Find a Relic achievement_belongs_in_museum
13 10.10% Throw Your Weight Around: Have a Diplomatic Weight of over 9000 achievement_throw_your_weight_around
14 10.10% The Industrial Re-Revolution: Earn a total Mineral income each month above 1000 achievement_minerals_2
15 9.90% Unlimited Power!: Use the active effect of a Relic achievement_unlimited_power
16 9.10% Clever Girl: Uplift a species achievement_uplift
17 9.00% Tourist Trap: Own a planet with at least 10 different species on it achievement_tourist_trap
18 8.80% Citadel of Death: Own a Citadel with 40k fleet power achievement_citadel_of_death
19 8.70% Omnicultural: Have your ruler be of a different species class than your founding species achievement_omniculture
20 8.00% Let Us Go Forward Together: Level up your Federation achievement_to_the_next_level
21 7.80% Center of Trade: Earn at least 1000 Energy Credits per month from trade achievement_center_of_trade
22 7.60% Imperial Highway: Own 4 active Gateways achievement_imperial_highway
23 7.20% We Come In Peace: Complete a mutually friendly First Contact with an empire with no negative incidents achievement_we_come_in_peace
24 7.00% Artificer: Have 100 Minor Artifacts achievement_artificer
25 6.80% ...and Hope?: Unseal the path to the L-Cluster achievement_l-cluster
26 6.60% Arcana: Study Minor Artifacts and discover a random technology achievement_arcana
27 6.50% It Followed Me Home: Befriend a Space Amoeba achievement_amoeba
28 6.40% Star Struck: Own 200 Starbases (Outposts are counted) achievement_star_struck
29 6.10% Captive Star: Construct a complete Dyson Sphere achievement_captive_star
30 5.90% Beyond the Veil: Breach the Shroud achievement_beyond_the_veil
31 5.80% Unstoppable Force: Build a Juggernaut achievement_unstoppable_force
32 5.70% Victorious: Win the game through any victory condition achievement_victorious
33 5.10% Whence It Came: Defeat a horrifying invader achievement_whence_it_came
34 5.10% Battle Thralls: Have 3 other Empires as vassals achievement_empire
35 4.90% Giga-Engineering: Have at least 4 fully operational Megastructures within your borders (Habitats, Ring Worlds and Gateways do not count) achievement_giga_engineering
36 4.90% Controlled Evolution: Genetically modify a species to possess traits worth 7 points achievement_controlled_evolution
37 4.90% Paradise Found: Terraform a planet into a gaia world achievement_paradise_found
38 4.80% Strategic Initiative: Build a Strategic Coordination Center achievement_strategic_initiative
39 4.80% Our Fleets will Blot Out the Stars: Construct a complete Mega-Shipyard achievement_forge_among_the_stars
40 4.60% Rift Sealed: Destroy the portals employed by the invaders from another time and space achievement_rift_sealed
41 4.60% Ringworld Engineers: Construct a complete Ring World achievement_ringineering
42 4.50% Green Thumb: Complete the Baol Precursor chain achievement_green_thumb
43 4.30% Like Tears in Rain: Evolve into perfect, immortal machines achievement_like_tears_in_rain
44 4.30% Planned Obsolescence: As a materialist empire with at least 200 Pops, have at least 75% of the Pops be robotic achievement_planned_obsolesence
45 4.10% United Space: Build an Interstellar Assembly achievement_united_space
46 4.10% Unravelling Enigma: Uncover the secrets of an ancient fortress achievement_unravelling_enigma
47 4.00% Clash of the Titans: Defeat a Fallen Empire's Titan fleet with a Titan of your own achievement_clash_of_the_titans
48 3.80% Planet of the Mechs: Terraform a planet into a Machine World. achievement_planet_of_the_mechs
49 3.80% A Hump Like a Snow-Hill: Hunt the Tiyanki Matriarch achievement_tiyanki
50 3.80% Who Scraps the Scrapper: Destroy the Scrapper Bot achievement_scrapper
51 3.80% Unboxing: Open up a shielded world achievement_unboxing
52 3.70% Black Hole Mining: Build a Matter Decompressor achievement_black_hole_mining
53 3.60% Warrior of Light: Destroy a wraith achievement_wraith
54 3.60% No Khan Do: Kill the Great Khan in battle achievement_no_khan_do
55 3.50% What Was Will Be: Close the loop, or don't achievement_what_was_will_be
56 3.40% View from the End of the World: Own a Habitat station in a Black Hole system achievement_habitat_at_the_end_of_the_universe
57 3.40% Slave to the Systems: As an authoritarian Empire with at least 500 Pops, have at least 200 enslaved Pops achievement_slave_to_the_system
58 3.00% Put A Ring On It: Have a ringworld section as your capital achievement_put_a_ring_on_it
59 3.00% Exterminatus: Use a World Cracker to destroy another Empire's capital planet achievement_exterminatus
60 2.90% Hear Me Roar: Hatch the egg achievement_hear_me_roar
61 2.80% 1999 A.D.: Slaughter the Voidspawn achievement_hatchling
62 2.70% Relic Hunter: In one game, find 5 Relics from Ancient Relics Story Pack achievement_relic_hunter
63 2.50% Return to Dust: Destroy an Enclave achievement_return_to_dust
64 2.40% Infinite Creation: Birth a new universe achievement_infinite_creation
65 2.40% Dust Off: Complete the Zroni Precursor chain achievement_dust_off
66 2.20% We Are Legion: Be a biological Hive Mind with at least 1000 drone Pops achievement_we_are_legion
67 2.20% All-Seeing Eye: Have an Intel Level of 100 on five different empires simultaneously achievement_allseeing_eye
68 2.10% Burn Notice: Disavow all knowledge of an Asset during an Operation achievement_burn_notice
69 2.10% Voight-Kampff: Develop the means to prevent nefarious infiltration achievement_synth_detector
70 2.00% We're Number One: Be the leader of a max level Federation achievement_we_are_number_one
71 2.00% Enlightened Times: Enlighten a Bronze or Stone Age civilization achievement_enlightened_times
72 2.00% Towards Utopia: As an Egalitarian empire, have at least 500 Pops living under Utopian living conditions in your Empire achievement_towards_utopia
73 2.00% Distinctiveness Added: As a Driven Assimilator, own cyborg Pops of at least 5 different species. achievement_distinctiveness_added
74 1.90% Rise of the Machines: As a Determined Exterminator, conquer or eliminate all biological Empires in the galaxy. achievement_rise_of_the_machines
75 1.90% Xenophage: Keep at least 5 different species as livestock in your Empire achievement_xenophage
76 1.80% Very Open Borders: As a xenophile Empire, have migration treaties with at least 10 other Empires achievement_very_open_borders
77 1.80% Does Not Compute: Shut down the Contingency plan. achievement_does_not_compute
78 1.70% Franchising: As a Corporate empire, have a branch office on 5 different empires' capitals achievement_franchising
79 1.60% Opposites Attract: Have all eight ethics represented within your Federation achievement_opposites_attract
80 1.50% Peacekeeper: As a pacifist Empire, be at peace for 200 consecutive years (crises do not count as wars) achievement_peacekeeper
81 1.30% Shoot To Kill: Start a full fledged first contact war before communications have been fully established achievement_shoot_to_kill
82 1.30% They Come In Pieces: Vivisect an alien achievement_they_come_in_pieces
83 1.20% Stellar Performance: Take a trophy from a stellar being achievement_stellar_performance
84 1.10% Queening: Successfully capture an extragalactic matriarch achievement_queening
85 1.10% Obscure Tastes: Build a Mega-Art Installation in a nebula system achievement_obscure_tastes
86 1.00% Payback: As a humanoid species, infiltrate the homeworld of pre-FTL reptilians achievement_payback
87 1.00% With Thunderous Applause: Become the Galactic Emperor achievement_with_thunderous_applause
88 1.00% Suffer not the Alien: As a xenophobic Empire, purge all other sentient species from the galaxy achievement_suffer_not_the_alien
89 0.90% Big Red Button: Destroy the Galaxy achievement_big_red_button
90 0.70% Pandora's World: Use a Global Pacifier to shield a planet belonging to Fanatic Purifiers, Ravenous Swarms, or Determined Exterminators achievement_pandoras_world
91 0.70% Last, Best Hope: Lead the non-aligned powers to victory against an Awakened Empire achievement_last_best_hope
92 0.70% Retirement Home: As a Rogue Servitor, own at least 10 Pops from Fallen Empires. achievement_retirement_home
93 0.70% Deus Vult: As a spiritualist Empire, own 4 holy worlds achievement_deus_vult
94 0.60% Inscrutable Power: I won the Galatron and all I got was this lousy achievement achievement_galatron
95 0.60% Outside Context: Invade pre-FTL Earth while it is in the midst of a world war achievement_outside_context
96 0.40% Whatever it is, I'm against it: Refuse to belong to any club that would have you as a member achievement_whatever_it_is_im_against_it
97 0.40% Humble Pie: Humiliate an Empire that is in the Supremacy Diplomatic Stance, forcing them out of it achievement_humble_pie
98 0.40% You've Been Served: Denounce an Empire that is not actually in breach of galactic law while all major sanctions have been passed achievement_see_you_in_court
99 0.30% Raiders of the Lost Galatron: Capture the Galatron from another empire achievement_relic_robbery
100 0.30% Stay on Target: Destroy another Empire's Colossus while it is in the process of firing on a planet achievement_stay_on_target
101 0.20% Modern Cincinnatus: As Galactic Custodian, defeat the end-game Crisis and then end the title rather than finishing your term achievement_modern_cincinnatus
102 0.10% Sic Semper Tyrannis: Lead a rebellion that successfully deposes the Galactic Emperor achievement_sic_semper_tyrannis
103 0.10% Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Blorg: Complete at least ten distinct operations during a game achievement_tinker_tailor_soldier_blorg