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Achievements completed: 1 (1.43%)

Achievements: (1 / 70):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 78.70% Magic Reality: Complete a practice mission ACH_MISSION_PRACTICE
2 70.40% Liberator: Liberate a station ACH_LIBERATOR
3 65.80% Nails: Complete a Hard (or harder) mission ACH_MISSION_HARD
4 57.60% Legend: Retire as a Living Legend ACH_LEGEND
5 57.20% Bloodless: Complete a Bloodless Clause ACH_MISSION_BLOODLESS
6 55.70% Out of Gas: Dock at a friendly station while on emergency fuel ACH_OUT_OF_GAS
7 54.80% Objects in Space: Board a ship without docking your pod ACH_OBJECT_SPACE
8 54.80% Defenceless: Crash a shield ACH_DEFENCELESS
9 49.00% Enigma: Complete an Enigma Clause ACH_MISSION_ENIGMA
10 48.60% Known Issue: Cause a sentry to shoot a guard by subverting it ACH_KNOWN_ISSUE
11 45.40% Gold Text: Find a unique item ACH_GOLD_TEXT
12 45.10% Living in a Bubble: Reflect a bullet with an emergency shield ACH_BUBBLE
13 44.40% Audacity: Complete an Audacious (or harder) mission ACH_MISSION_AUDACIOUS
14 44.20% Jam: Take down a Jammer ACH_MERC_DENIED
15 43.40% Lightning Strike: Take someone out with a melee attack less than 0.5 seconds after Sidewinding ACH_LIGHTNING_STRIKE
16 40.30% Closure: Complete your personal mission ACH_MISSION_PERSONAL
17 40.20% I Wouldn't...: Cause a guard with a subverted shield to shoot themselves ACH_SHOOT_SELF
18 40.00% Silence: Complete a Silence Clause ACH_MISSION_SILENCE
19 39.40% Shields Down: Take down a Defender ACH_MERC_VULNERABLE
20 38.70% Visitor Pass: Acquire a keycard while Visiting ACH_VISITOR_PASS
21 35.40% Conflicted Hitman: Deliver an assassination target alive ACH_MISSION_CONFLICTED
22 35.00% Correction: Complete a Mistake mission ACH_MISSION_MISTAKE
23 33.90% A Weight Lifted: Be rescued from your captor by the Visitor ACH_WEIGHT_LIFTED
24 32.30% White Knuckle Extraction: Catch a Rescue target in your pod while they're suffocating in space ACH_EXTRACTION
25 31.50% Only The Guilty: Complete an assassination mission without harming any other crew ACH_MISSION_ONLY_GUILTY
26 31.40% Ghost Thief: Complete a theft without being seen or harming anyone ACH_MISSION_GHOST_THIEF
27 31.30% Nitojutsu: Kill someone with a Shortblade within 1 second of killing someone with a Longblade ACH_DOUBLE_SWORD
28 30.50% Spacewalker: Make it to a station after your pod has been destroyed ACH_SPACEWALKER
29 29.10% Angel: Save someone with the Offworld Angel ACH_POD_ANGEL
30 28.40% Ambush: Take down a Tracker ACH_MERC_AMBUSH
31 24.80% Strange Justice: Cause a guard to shoot themselves by Swapping with them ACH_STRANGE_JUSTICE
32 23.60% Tick: Teleport to an airlock with the Glitcher's Tick ACH_POD_TICK
33 23.10% Pacifist: Complete a Pacifist Clause ACH_MISSION_PACIFIST
34 22.00% Ghost: Complete a Ghost Clause ACH_MISSION_GHOST
35 22.00% Cauldron of Stars: Start a new galaxy ACH_CAULDRON
36 20.30% Coldfire: Pass through a ship's vision undetected in the Sovereign Coldfire ACH_POD_COLDFIRE
37 20.10% Prey: Take down a Predator ACH_MERC_PREY
38 19.40% Brick: Break a ship with the Foundry Brick ACH_POD_BRICK
39 18.70% Billions Dead: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_BILLIONS_DEAD
40 15.00% Outside the Box: Complete an Assassinate mission without entering the ship ACH_MISSION_OUTSIDE_BOX
41 14.10% They'll Live: Knock a Capture target through a window ACH_THEYLL_LIVE
42 13.70% Unauthorised Visitation: Use a second Visitor before the first returns you ACH_DOUBLE_VISITOR
43 12.80% Self Help: Rescue one of your own characters ACH_SELF_HELP
44 12.80% Heirloom: Find an item that belonged to a Steam friend's character ACH_HEIRLOOM
45 12.50% Glorious I: Complete a Glory I mission ACH_MISSION_GLORY_1
46 11.10% One Careful Owner: Complete a Hijack mission in a Warzone ACH_MISSION_CAREFUL_OWNER
47 10.30% Well Done: (Note: this is a hidden achievement that has not been released to the public yet) ACH_WELL_DONE
48 9.80% End Game: Talk to Fiasco after liberating every Stronghold ACH_END_GAME
49 9.40% A Good Day: Finish all three missions in a Daily Challenge ACH_GOOD_DAY
50 8.10% The Fiasco Reckoning: Completely eliminate a faction from the galaxy ACH_FIASCO_RECKONING
51 8.00% Glorious II: Complete a Glory II mission ACH_MISSION_GLORY_2
52 6.50% Rerouted: Hack a telepad to glitch someone into space ACH_REROUTED
53 6.50% Coming Through: Rescue a friend's character ACH_COMING_THROUGH
54 6.00% Blacklisted: Complete your personal mission with the Blacklisted trait ACH_TRAIT_BLACKLISTED
55 6.00% Glorious III: Complete a Glory III mission ACH_MISSION_GLORY_3
56 5.90% Weak: Complete your personal mission with the Weak trait ACH_TRAIT_WEAK
57 5.60% Glitch Sickness: Complete your personal mission with the Glitch Sickness trait ACH_TRAIT_GLITCHSICK
58 5.50% Shaky: Complete your personal mission with the Shaky trait ACH_TRAIT_SHAKY
59 5.10% Proud: Complete your personal mission with the Proud trait ACH_TRAIT_PROUD
60 4.80% Glorious IV: Complete a Glory IV mission ACH_MISSION_GLORY_4
61 4.80% Technophobe: Complete your personal mission with the Technophobe trait ACH_TRAIT_TECHNOPHOBE
62 4.30% Frail: Complete your personal mission with the Frail trait ACH_TRAIT_FRAIL
63 4.30% Dying: Complete your personal mission with the Dying trait ACH_TRAIT_DYING
64 4.00% Bloodless Vow: Complete your personal mission with the Bloodless Vow intact ACH_VOW_BLOODLESS
65 3.50% Glorious V: Complete a Glory V mission ACH_MISSION_GLORY_5
66 3.40% A Perfect Day: Finish all three missions in a Daily Challenge with no penalties or purchases ACH_PERFECT_DAY
67 3.10% Pacifist Vow: Complete your personal mission with the Pacifist Vow intact ACH_VOW_PACIFIST
68 3.00% Ghost Vow: Complete your personal mission with the Ghost Vow intact ACH_VOW_GHOST
69 1.50% Week Streak: Play the Daily Challenge every day for 7 consecutive days ACH_WEEK_STREAK