Sam's statistics for Mad Max

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Achievements completed: 30 (61.22%)

Achievements: (30 / 49):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 29.70% The Smart Driver: Complete a Scatter Death Run TRP_THE_SMART_DRIVER
2 19.30% Daddy Wants a New Grill: Collect all hood ornaments TRP_DADDY_WANTS_A_NEW_GRILL
3 17.30% Gutgash Thrives: Reduce threat to 0 in the Parch Moon region around Gutgash's Stronghold TRP_GUTGASH_THRIVES
4 15.50% Pink Eye Thrives: Reduce threat to 0 in the Knit Sack region around Pink Eye's Stronghold TRP_PINK_EYE_THRIVES
5 15.10% The Quick Driver: Complete a Time Bomb Death Run TRP_THE_QUICK_DRIVER
6 15.10% Keep Up the Good Work: Clear all threat in Gutgash's territory TRP_KEEP_THE_GOOD_WORK
7 14.00% Spreading the Word: Clear all threat in Pink Eye's territory TRP_SPREADING_THE_WORD
8 11.50% Blockhead: Own the best V6 and V8 Engines TRP_BLOCKHEAD
9 11.30% The Constructionist: Build all projects in all strongholds TRP_THE_CONTRUCTIONIST
10 11.20% Bomb Specialist: Clear all minefields TRP_BOMB_SPECIALIST
11 9.10% Maximum Air: Be airborne in a vehicle for 4 seconds or more and land without dying TRP_MAXIMUM_AIR
12 6.80% Explosions Are Not Enough: Complete all optional objectives in all camps TRP_EXPLOSIONS_ARE_NOT_ENOUGH
13 4.90% A Thousand Words: Collect all History Relics TRP_A_THOUSAND_WORDS
14 4.50% Looked Everywhere: Loot all Scavenging Locations TRP_LOOKED_EVERYWHERE
15 4.20% Running Wild: Complete at least one race at every Death Run Location TRP_RUNNING_WILD
16 3.00% The Guardian: Successfully complete a Death Run with every Archangel TRP_THE_GUARDIAN
17 3.00% The Messenger: Complete a Death Run in legendary time with every Archangel TRP_THE_MESSENGER
18 2.80% The Exiled: Defeat an enemy vehicle with every Archangel TRP_THE_FALLEN
19 2.00% Up to the Task: Complete all non-repeating challenges TRP_UP_TO_THE_TASK