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Achievements completed: 0 (0.00%)

Achievements: (0 / 19):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 19.20% Efficient: Use more than 95% of the metal and energy you produce in a match GAME_EFFICIENT_1
2 15.50% Fully Operational: Activate an annihilaser LASER_ACTIVATED_1
3 11.20% One Down: Eliminate a faction in galactic war GW_ELIMINATE_FACTION_1
4 11.00% Jack of All Trades: Build every kind of basic factory BUILD_ALL_BASIC_FACTORIES_1
5 10.40% Worldbuilder: Start a game with a custom system CUSTOM_SYSTEM_1
6 8.80% Technophile: Discover a new loadout in galactic war GW_UNLOCKED_LOADOUTS_1
7 8.00% Against All Odds: Win against three times as many players WIN_OUTNUMBERED_1
8 6.90% Galactic Annihilation: Annihilate your opposition throughout the galaxy GW_VICTORY_1
9 6.70% Team Player: Participate in ten team games TEAM_GAMES_1
10 4.70% Technological Terror: Destroy five enemy planets with annihilasers LASER_ACTIVATED_2
11 3.50% World Ender: Smash five enemy planets PLANET_SMASH_1
12 2.70% Field Commander: Manage your armies with all ten control groups ALL_CONTROL_GROUPS_1
13 2.40% Ruthless: Kill a commander within five minutes, five times FAST_COMMANDER_KILL_1
14 1.30% Him or Me: Target an incoming planet with an annihilaser LASER_ACTIVATED_INCOMING_1
15 1.10% One of Each: Build every kind of unit BUILD_ALL_UNITS_1
16 1.10% Panopticon: Keep tabs on your conquest with ten camera anchors ALL_CAMERA_GROUPS_1
17 1.10% Enthusiast: Watch competitive play for two hours as a spectator SPECTATE_1
18 0.90% Architect: Build every structure in a single game BUILD_ALL_BUILDINGS_1
19 0.70% Fanatic: Watch competitive play for eight hours as a spectator SPECTATE_2