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Achievements completed: 1 (2.63%)

Achievements: (1 / 38):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 78.40% Awakened: Save Azai from the mercenaries. awakened
2 59.60% Stealth Assassin: Perform 25 successful stealth kills. stealth_assassin
3 53.90% Trickster: Distract 25 guards using environmental objects. trickster
4 48.80% Snare: Use a dead body to lure another guard and then stealth kill them. snare
5 36.60% The Mercenary: Assassinate Kelly, the mercenary captain. the_mercenary
6 34.80% The Worst Allies: Kill a guard by getting other guards to shoot them. worst_allies
7 32.20% Things Better Left Unseen: Throw the body of one guard to terrorize another. unseen
8 31.00% Masterful: Complete a level without getting detected. masterful
9 30.40% Crimson Haiku: Perform five different types of stealth kills successfully in one level. crimson_haiku
10 29.20% No One Lives Forever: Stealth kill an elite guard after stunning him. live_forever
11 27.20% Karajan's Fate: Assassinate Karajan. kill_karajan
12 27.10% Behind the Curtain: View any of the developer commentaries. behind_the_curtain
13 26.60% Oni: Terrorize 10 guards. oni
14 23.10% Escape: Escape from the Stronghold. escape
15 21.80% Fated: Determine your fate. fated
16 18.40% Mercy: Complete a level without killing any guards. mercy
17 15.60% The Dark Project: Get the Undetected honor bonus 10 times in one level. dark_project
18 15.60% Deadly Shadows: Stealth kill a guard from inside a dumpster. deadly_shadows
19 14.70% Gallows: Terrify a guard using the result of a hanging stealth kill five times. gallows
20 14.30% Ghost: Complete a level without killing any guards and without being detected. ghost
21 11.30% Manipulator: Distract 25 guards using your equipment. manipulator
22 8.80% Well, I Think It's Interesting: Read one of the history lesson developer commentaries. history_lesson
23 7.70% Unstable Footing: Terrify a guard and cause him to stumble to his death. unstable_footing
24 6.60% Days Long Past: Complete the new Special Edition level. days_long_past
25 6.60% Tactical Espionage Action: Within a single Focus, aim and throw three different types of items. espionage
26 6.40% Inner Heaven: Kill a guard from inside the box. inner_heaven
27 6.10% Of The Mind: Complete all of the challenge rooms. ofthemind
28 5.60% Back to Bed With You: Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out. back_to_bed
29 5.00% Perfection: Earn all the Seals in every level. perfection
30 4.90% Descendent of Iga: Earn three stars in every level. descendent
31 4.60% Haiku: Find all three scrolls in every level. haiku
32 4.50% Marked: Earn all the upgrades. marked
33 3.80% What Could Have Been: Complete one of the original Mark of the Ninja levels using the Path of Wisdom. what_could_have_been
34 3.50% True Ninja: Complete the game in New Game Plus. true_ninja
35 3.50% Cordyceps: Dispatch two enemies at once using a body infected with Toxic Fungus. cordyceps
36 3.20% Couldn't Do That Before: Disable a spotlight using the Dusk Moths. spotlight_moths
37 2.60% The Humble Moth: Stun an elite guard with moths then dispatch him. humble_moth