Sam's statistics for STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™

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Achievements completed: 4 (7.02%)

Achievements: (4 / 57):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 52.30% Starting Down the Dark Path: Get your first Dark Side points achievement_4
2 32.70% In It For the Money: Collect 10,000 credits achievement_33
3 32.10% We Have to Hack Into the Mainframe!: Have 30 points in Computer Use. achievement_46
4 31.80% An Elegant Weapon: Contruct your first Lightsaber achievement_5
5 31.20% I've Seen How You Use a Hydrospanner: Have 30 points in Repair. achievement_45
6 29.60% It Was Like That When I Got Here!: Destroy Peragus Astroids achievement_1
7 27.80% Orphan White: Recruit the Handmaiden achievement_27
8 26.90% Pet Rock: Get the named Lightsaber crystal achievement_24
9 26.00% A Certain Set of Skills: Gain a Prestige class achievement_29
10 25.80% Unadulterated Violence: Repair the damaged droid on the Ebon Hawk achievement_15
11 25.30% Fight Another Day: Flee Korriban after fighting Sion achievement_21
12 25.20% It's a trap!: Get this by starting the "Trapped" Quest on Korriban. achievement_48
13 24.90% Grave Robber: Loot a body on Korriban achievement_20
14 24.00% Last Stand: Side with the Settlers at Khoonda achievement_25
15 23.40% Lost Girl: Recruit Mira achievement_19
16 23.20% Don't Get Cocky: Kill all Sith troopers before they can board the Ebon Hawk achievement_35
17 21.90% The Gang's All Here: Fill the Party Selection screen achievement_36
18 21.90% Talk Them to Death: Have Persuasion over 30 achievement_34
19 21.60% Luminous Beings: Reach maximum Light Side points achievement_30
20 20.30% Hutt Oil: Convince Vogga the Hutt to sell fuel to Telos. achievement_49
21 19.80% The Second Rule...: Complete the Mandalorian Battle Circle achievement_14
22 19.70% Hunger Strike: Defeat Nihilus achievement_6
23 18.90% Royal Protocol: Side with the Queen on Onderon achievement_11
24 18.30% Pain Relief: Defeat Sion achievement_7
25 14.00% Seeker: Complete the game on the Light Side achievement_8
26 12.30% Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: Have 30 points in Treat Injury. achievement_47
27 12.20% Your Eyes Can Deceive You: Learn Force Sight achievement_17
28 11.60% Ancient History: Recruit the Disciple achievement_28
29 11.10% Breaking the Oath: Teach the Handmaiden the ways of the Force. achievement_53
30 10.70% Silent, But Deadly: Have 30 points in Stealth achievement_43
31 10.30% Let's Blow This Place!: Have 30 points in Demolitions. achievement_44
32 9.90% Finders Keepers: Claim Darth Nihilus' mask. achievement_51
33 9.70% Pure Pazaak: Beat the champ on Nar Shadaa achievement_23
34 9.60% The First Rule...: Complete the Handmaiden Battle Circle achievement_13
35 9.30% Cupid's Rifle: Listen to HK-47's definition of love. achievement_56
36 9.20% If You Only Knew...: Reach maximum Dark Side points achievement_31
37 8.50% The Walking Carpet: Recruit Hanharr achievement_18
38 7.60% Over Achiever: Reach Player Level 30 achievement_42
39 7.50% Martial Law: Side with Vaklu on Onderon achievement_12
40 7.50% No Jedi can stop us: Kill all the Jedi masters achievement_41
41 7.40% Lost in Your Work: Learn Moving Meditation achievement_16
42 6.90% Never Tell Me the Odds: Win a Pazaak game with a full board achievement_32
43 6.40% The Sith Lord: Have your character replace any of the Sith Lords on the main menu screen. achievement_52
44 6.30% Destiny, Dominated: Complete the game on the Dark Side achievement_9
45 6.00% Cheater: Convince the "champ" to lose the game without playing. achievement_50
46 4.90% Short Circuit: Install HK-47's unique module achievement_10
47 4.20% Assassination Protocol: Active: Learn how to kill Jedi from HK-47 achievement_55
48 3.10% Nothing Personal: Change your mind about siding with the Settlers at Khoonda achievement_26
49 2.50% Unlimited Power: Acquire all Dark Side Powers. achievement_38
50 2.50% I Am A Jedi: Acquire all Light Side Powers achievement_39
51 2.40% You ARE the droid I'm looking for: Deduce G0-T0's identity achievement_54
52 2.00% Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: Break Hanharr's spirit achievement_22
53 1.50% I hate everything about you: Reduce a companion's Influence to zero. achievement_37