Sam's statistics for Dune: Spice Wars

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Achievements completed: 18 (25.71%)

Achievements: (18 / 70):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 83.50% Defender: Eliminate a raid targetting you Defender
2 39.40% Way of the Air: Use a shuttle to transport troops WayOfTheAir
3 23.80% Full House: Build a building in every base slot FullHouse
4 22.40% Water Seller: Have at least 100 net water production WaterSeller
5 22.30% Desert Fighter: Win in medium difficulty or more WinMedium
6 18.80% Hegemon: Win an Hegemony victory Hegemon
7 12.40% Governor: Win with the Dune Governorship charter Governor
8 12.20% First Step: Propose a Truce to an opponent and get it accepted FirstStep
9 9.00% Economist: Research all Economic Developments AllEconomicDevs
10 8.30% Dreaded Baron: Win with House Harkonnen WinHarkonnen
11 7.20% Logistician: Research all Military Developments AllMilitaryDevs
12 7.00% Cunning Criminal: Win with the Smugglers WinSmugglers
13 6.10% Killer: Assassinate an enemy leader Killer
14 5.50% Analyst: Research all Political Developments AllStatecraftDevs
15 4.90% Sociologist: Research all Expansion Developments AllExpansionDevs
16 4.50% Interstellar Transit: Build a Spacing Guild Branch InterstellarTransit
17 4.40% Strategist: Win in hard difficulty or more WinHard
18 3.80% Assassin: Win by assassinating your last opponent Assassin
19 3.80% Ruthless Emperor: Win with House Corrino WinCorrino
20 3.70% Playing with Others: Finish a multiplayer game (without forfeiting) Multiplayer
21 3.70% Lawful Aggression: Use your Influence to end a Truce legally EndTruce
22 3.00% One Against All: Win a game while in Conflict with 3 alive opponents for at least 3 months WinAtWar
23 2.80% Bringing a Spaceship to a Knife Fight: Recruit a Frigate SpaceshipToAKnifeFight
24 2.70% Ichwan Bedwine: As the Fremen, get to Ally status with every Sietch AlliedAllSietches
25 2.60% Shiny New Gear: Buy a gear in the Barracks ShinyNewGear
26 2.40% Pest Control: Destroy a Renegade Base PestControl
27 2.40% Master of Arrakis: Win in insane difficulty WinInsane
28 2.20% Duelist: Win a Kanly KanlyWin
29 1.90% Magnate: Win by owning more than half of CHOAM Shares Magnate
30 1.90% Disobeying The Form: Use Atomics on another faction UseAtomicsOnSomeoneElse
31 1.40% Half a World: Control at least 30 regions HalfAWorld
32 1.30% Underworld Empire: As the Smugglers, own an Underworld Headquarter in every village and Main Base owned by another faction EveryStructureHasHeadquarters
33 1.20% One in a million: Destroy a Frigate OneInAMillion
34 1.10% Prudent: Win a game in solo play without losing or disbanding a single non-temporary military unit or village WinNoLosses
35 1.10% Peaceful Dune: Win a game while in a Truce with 3 alive opponents for at least 1 month WinAtPeace
36 0.90% Sandlord: As the Fremen, control 2 Deep Deserts Sandlord
37 0.90% Thrill of Victory: Win a standard multiplayer game (with at least 1 other player) MultiplayerWin
38 0.80% Prom King: Get elected to a Resolution with at least 1000 total votes backing you PromKing
39 0.70% Fully Furnished: As House Corrino, own at least 12 Main Base Buildings FullyFurnished
40 0.70% Landsraad's Favorite: As House Atreides, have all Charters active at the same time AllCharters
41 0.70% Ready to Rumble: Have 10 gear equipped at the same time ReadyToRumble
42 0.50% Squeeze Hard: As House Harkonnen, produce at least 250 Spice in a single Village SingleVillageSpiceProd
43 0.50% Successful Betrayal: Eliminate a faction you have betrayed a truce with in the last 20 days SuccessfulBetrayal
44 0.50% No Offense: As House Atreides, win a game without ever attacking a village WinNoVillageAttacks
45 0.40% Pariah: Win a game in solo play while having Pariah Standing for at least a month WinMonthPariah
46 0.40% Insanity: Win against 3 Insane AIs with Sandworms, Storms and Raids all on high activity and with all Victory conditions turned on Insanity
47 0.40% Get it over with: As House Harkonnen, sacrifice an agent to assassinate your last opponent AssassinateLastOpponent
48 0.30% Savage: Win a game in solo play without a single development researched WinNoDevs
49 0.20% Total Infiltration: As the Smugglers, have a total of 21 levels of Infiltration MaximumInfiltration
50 0.10% Empire Strikes Back: As House Corrino, win a game with at least one of your Imperial Base destroyed WinMainBaseDestroyed
51 0.10% No Mercy for Traitors: Eliminate a faction that has betrayed a truce with you in the last 20 days NoMercy
52 0.00% You Shall Not Pass: Own a village with 8 Heavy Militias and 3 Missile Batteries YouShallNotPass