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Achievements completed: 52 (52.00%)

Achievements: (52 / 100):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 21.40% Mineral field depleted: Deplete 1 Vein. ACHIEVEMENT_17
2 5.20% Going nuclear: Generate more than 600MW of power on a planet using Mini Fusion Power Plants. ACHIEVEMENT_86
3 4.80% Got Deuterium?: Use Fractionators to produce at least 100K Deuterium per hour on a single planet. ACHIEVEMENT_73
4 4.70% Maximum efficiency: Build and maintain 100 Ray Receivers with a receiving efficiency of over 85%. ACHIEVEMENT_56
5 4.40% Are you proud of me, Stephen?: Find and orbit a Black Hole. ACHIEVEMENT_48
6 4.20% Universe matrix, Yellow Belt: Produce at least 21,600 Universe matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_80
7 4.20% Infinite Factory III: Exceed a total energy consumption of 1PJ. ACHIEVEMENT_100
8 3.50% Chemist: Make 20 Organic Crystals by hand using the original formula. ACHIEVEMENT_8
9 3.50% All systems are go!: Achieve discharge power of more than 300MW on a planet using Energy Hubs. ACHIEVEMENT_85
10 3.50% Sonic boom!: Exceed a sailing speed of 340m/s in the atmosphere. ACHIEVEMENT_36
11 3.40% Icarus, PhD: Unlock all technologies (upgrade Unlimited Technology at least once). ACHIEVEMENT_60
12 3.40% Electromagnetic matrix: Produce at least 43,200 Electromagnetic matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_75
13 3.40% Boy genius: Find and orbit a Neutron Star. ACHIEVEMENT_49
14 3.20% Energy matrix: Produce at least 43,200 Energy matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_76
15 3.20% Secrets of the universe I: Upload a total of 1M Universe matrices. ACHIEVEMENT_71
16 3.10% Structure matrix: Produce at least 43,200 Structure matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_77
17 3.10% Universe matrix, Green Belt: Produce at least 43,200 Universe matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_81
18 3.00% Power surge: Use 12 Wireless Power Towers to charge a mecha at the same time. ACHIEVEMENT_33
19 3.00% Gravity matrix: Produce at least 43,200 Gravity matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_79
20 3.00% Information matrix: Produce at least 43,200 Information matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_78
21 2.80% Nice Surprise 5: Obtain at least 10 Carbon Nanotubes by collecting plants. ACHIEVEMENT_7
22 2.80% Bon voyage!: Travel to the planetary system farthest from your original system. ACHIEVEMENT_50
23 2.00% Firing on all cylinders: Unlock upgrade to decrease the mineral mining consumption rate to less than 15%. ACHIEVEMENT_58
24 2.00% Burn baby burn: Have Icarus burn at least 16 different fuels in a game. ACHIEVEMENT_34
25 1.90% Universe matrix, Blue Belt: Produce at least 108,000 Universe matrices per hour. ACHIEVEMENT_82
26 1.80% Universe factory: Reach a total power generation of 50GW. ACHIEVEMENT_97
27 1.80% Before our time: Land on another planet outside the initial planetary system before unlocking Warp drive. ACHIEVEMENT_42
28 1.70% Solar Sail? No thank you!: Complete the game without launching a Solar Sail. ACHIEVEMENT_65
29 1.60% Alien Mineral Protection Act: Complete the game without gathering rare veins to obtain rare ores. ACHIEVEMENT_67
30 1.50% One giant leap for mankind!: Leave the original planet and land on another within an hour. ACHIEVEMENT_39
31 1.50% Secrets of the universe II: Upload a total of 10M Universe matrices. ACHIEVEMENT_72
32 1.40% Environmental nightmare: Drop 3000 units of Titanium Ingot at once while flying through space. ACHIEVEMENT_54
33 1.40% I saw this in a movie once: Cover a planet with a Foundation. ACHIEVEMENT_26
34 1.30% Environmentalist: Complete the game without using Foundations. ACHIEVEMENT_66
35 1.30% Nice Surprise 4: Obtain at least 100 Sulfuric Acid by collecting plants. ACHIEVEMENT_6
36 1.10% Magpie: Discover 7 kinds of rare minerals, and collect at least 10 by hand. ACHIEVEMENT_15
37 1.00% Faster than light: Reach a sailing speed of 3000m/s in non-warp transportation. ACHIEVEMENT_37
38 1.00% Minerals by the dozen: Cover at least 12 Veins with one Mining machine. ACHIEVEMENT_18
39 0.80% Well traveled: Travel to at least 32 planetary systems in a game. ACHIEVEMENT_51
40 0.80% Determination: Use more than 80K foundations on a Waterworld planet. ACHIEVEMENT_24
41 0.80% Let there be light!: Light an Artificial Star on the North and South Pole of the original planet, an Ice Field Gelisol Planet, and the eternal night side of a tide-locked planet. ACHIEVEMENT_52
42 0.70% x0.5 Resource completion: Complete the game on x0.5 resource difficulty. ACHIEVEMENT_62
43 0.70% We can make it if we try: Build a Dyson Sphere around a Red Giant star with a power generation performance of more than 10GW. ACHIEVEMENT_91
44 0.70% CentreBrain needs more energy III: Total power generation of the Dyson Sphere reaches 1TW. ACHIEVEMENT_90
45 0.70% Didn't break a sweat!: Complete the game within 25 hours on x1 (or less) resource difficulty. ACHIEVEMENT_63
46 0.60% Data rules everything around me: Achieve a Matrix Lab upload rate of 1M hash/s. ACHIEVEMENT_57
47 0.60% Mission impossible!: Complete the game within 10 hours on x1 (or less) resource difficulty. ACHIEVEMENT_64
48 0.60% Lean mean cleaning machine: Use Icarus' garbage clearing function to absorb 50,000 units of Iron Ingot at the same time. ACHIEVEMENT_53