Sam's statistics for Days Gone

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Achievements completed: 46 (75.41%)

Achievements: (46 / 61):
# Global Completion % Description API Name
1 9.70% Participation Award: Earn your first Bronze Medal in a Challenge DG1_ACH_47
2 7.30% Second (the) Best: Earn your first Silver Medal in a Challenge DG1_ACH_48
3 4.70% Golden Boy: Earn your first Gold Medal in a Challenge DG1_ACH_49
4 3.60% Days Gone in 60 Seconds: Defeat a Horde in under 1 minute in Survival Mode DG1_ACH_46
5 3.50% Burnout Apocalypse: Use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds DG1_ACH_24
6 3.10% Worthy: Fully upgrade any Ring DG1_ACH_51
7 2.90% I Make This Look Good: Earn a Gold Medal in a Challenge with a Character Skin and Custom Accent equipped DG1_ACH_50
8 2.90% Lost & Damned: Reach the Founder Rank DG1_ACH_55
9 2.80% Surviving is Living: Complete the story of Days Gone in Survival Mode DG1_ACH_45
10 2.40% Gotta Patch 'Em All: Unlock all Patches DG1_ACH_56
11 2.20% Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all: Spend 3000 credits on your Loadout DG1_ACH_54
12 2.10% 2 Days 2 Done: Complete the story of Days Gone on Hard II or Survival II in New Game+ DG1_ACH_58
13 2.00% Gold Team Rules: Earn a Gold Medal in all Challenges DG1_ACH_52
14 1.80% You Done Good, Kid: Earn a Medal in all Sub-Challenges DG1_ACH_53
15 1.50% One Percenter: Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone DG1_ACH_60