Tournament Details

Host country: Argentina
Dates: 01 June 1978 - 25 June 1978
Teams: 16

Round 1: 16 teams split in 4 groups of 4.
Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4
Round 2: 8 teams split in 2 groups of 4.
Group A | Group B
Round 3: 2 Team Playoff

  • FIFA introduced the penalty shootout as a means of determining the winner in knockout stages should the match end on a draw after 120 minutes.
  • The 1978 World Cup marked the only occasion during which a national team did not wear its own kit to play a match. The incident happened during the game between France and Hungary. The worldwide television broadcast of the games was in colour, but Argentina only had black-and-white television equipment in place; the team's tops were indistinguishable on the black-and-white TV sets, resulting in the French side electing to wear the jerseys of a local team from Mar del Plata, Club Atletico Kimberley; the jerseys had vertical green and white stripes.

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    Qualified Teams:
    Placing ELO Rating Team Coach Region
    1 1168 Argentina César Luis Menotti CONMEBOL
    2 1062 Netherlands Ernst Happel UEFA
    3 1155 Brazil Cláudio Coutinho CONMEBOL
    4 1052 Italy Enzo Bearzot UEFA
    17 984 Austria Helmut Senekowitsch UEFA
    17 988 France Michel Hidalgo UEFA
    17 890 Hungary Lajos Baróti UEFA
    17 911 Iran Heshmat Mohajerani AFC
    17 871 Mexico José Antonio Roca CONCACAF
    17 944 Peru Marcos Calderón CONMEBOL
    17 1004 Poland Jacek Gmoch UEFA
    17 992 Scotland Ally MacLeod UEFA
    17 1003 Spain Ladislao Kubala UEFA
    17 943 Sweden Georg Ericson UEFA
    17 1015 Tunisia Abdelmajid Chetali CAF
    17 1018 West Germany Helmut Schön UEFA